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Discover Great Ford Edge Battery Discounts | Greeneville, TN

Ford Edge battery Greeneville, TN

Visit your local Ford Dealership for exceptional service.

Customers can purchase a new Ford Edge battery Greeneville, TN at a low cost using the coupons Ford Service Coupon provides. Because we collaborate with Ford Motor Company, every time you use our coupons to buy new parts and accessories for your automobile, your selection of products will come from a high-quality original equipment manufacturer (OEM) or Motorcraft selection.

Ford mechanics are trained by the individuals responsible for engineering your Ford Edge. This training is highly advantageous for customers acquiring their services for their Ford car. Ford’s factory-trained technicians have vast knowledge about every Ford vehicle and their many moving parts.

If you bring your Ford Edge to your local Ford dealership for upkeep or repair, you can rest assured that the repairpersons can take care of any trouble you’re experiencing. Before contacting your local Ford dealership to schedule an appointment, check out our vouchers and print out the one you’d like to use. Our coupons can help patrons save money on different vehicular services such as oil changestire repairs, inspections, etc. 

Furthermore, our coupons supply discounts to customers who want to purchase replacement parts and accessories, such as a Ford Edge battery Greeneville, TN. Whether you are a driver looking to get repairs, car inspections, part replacements, or a mechanic who wants to buy parts for your business, you can trust that you can find a deal with our coupons.

Motorcraft Ford Edge Battery Greeneville, TN

Ford Motor Company founded its Motorcraft auto parts brand in 1972. By creating the brand, Ford gave consumers easy access to original vehicle components. Motorcraft produces parts and accessories for Ford, Mercury, and Lincoln automobiles. However, if an individual owns a vehicle that isn’t under the Ford company brand, Motorcraft could still have produced parts for the make and model of the vehicle. 

Motorcraft products are manufactured to evenly compare to the high standards Ford Motor Company has for its employees, vehicles, and parts. When you buy a Motorcraft product, you can expect that it has been engineered to function just as well as your vehicle’s original part. You will never locate a better part outside of Ford! The next time you realize it’s time for a new Ford Edge battery Greeneville, TN, you know who to reach out to.

An exceptional warranty protects every part you buy from the Motorcraft auto parts brand. The warranty is called the Service Parts Warranty (SPW) and has been in effect since October 1, 2013. The SPW protects auto parts for 24 months, regardless of mileage.

The SPW starts upon the date of installation or purchase. Remember that aftermarket parts commonly do not come with a warranty at all. Buying car parts protected by an excellent warranty is vital, so bypass buying aftermarket parts at all costs. Purchase your Ford Edge battery Greeneville, TN from the Motorcraft auto brand and get covered by SPW!

Ford Edge battery Greeneville, TN

Purchasing your Ford Edge battery Greeneville, TN through Motorcraft is a wise choice!

Alongside excellent vehicle batteries, Motorcraft also manufactures the following parts:

  • Air Conditioning
  • Belts
  • Brakes
  • Chassis
  • Chemicals
  • Cooling systems and caps
  • Drivetrain parts
  • Electrical
  • Filters
  • Fuel pumps
  • Lubricants
  • Relays, control modules, etc.
  • Sensors
  • Small electrical motors
  • Spark plugs
  • Steering
  • Suspension
  • Wiper blades

Ford Edge Battery Greeneville, TN Attributes

Ford Edge battery Greeneville, TN

Pay attention to the group size, date code, and more when buying a new Ford Edge battery Greeneville, TN.

Before purchasing your Ford Edge battery Greeneville, TN replacement, you should consider some essential elements and attributes. Customers must carefully evaluate the battery’s group size, date code, reserve capacity (RC), and cold cranking amps (CCA) before buying to ensure the battery they get is the right choice for your Ford Edge. Ford technicians can help with any issues you may experience during your new battery search. 

Group Size

A battery’s group size refers to the length, width, and height of a battery and where the positive and negative terminals will sit when put in your Ford Edge. There are up to 50 battery group sizes, with the biggest size generally indicating a higher capacity. While several vehicles permit a few choice group sizes to be used without issue, it could be feasible that your vehicle does not.

You can flip through your owner’s manual to locate the exact group size your vehicle requires to ensure you buy the right type. If you are still trying to find out what battery to buy, a Ford technician can aid you in finding the correct battery group size for your Ford Edge.

Date Code

The longer a battery sits around without being used, the less efficient it will be in supplying power to your automobile. Battery date codes show when a battery was manufactured and is depicted on the Motorcraft battery’s sticker or melted on the battery’s side. Ford’s battery date codes are shown as two characters: a letter and a number.

The letter indicates the month the Ford Edge battery Greeneville, TN was made, and the number indicates the last digit of the year it was made. The newer the battery you buy, the better.

Reserve Capacity (RC)

As technology grows and changes, engineers are adding more and more electrical parts that greatly rely on reserve capacity to vehicles. The RC code indicates the amount of minutes a Ford battery can provide sufficient power before dropping below its minimum voltage level. Electrical parts such as LCD screens, charger ports, overhead lights, backup cameras, and more utilize reserve capacity.

You will need a battery with a good RC code if you want to use your electrical equipment while the engine is off. Customers who want a battery designed for excessive power use without getting drained should consider buying absorbed glass mat (AGM) batteries instead of an average lead-acid battery.

Cold Cranking Amps (CCA)

The final crucial battery attribute you should pay attention to is the CCA code. The code indicates how well your battery can turn the engine at 0 °F in under a minute.

The higher the CCA number, the more efficiently the battery will perform in cold temperatures. Customers who live in colder climates will significantly benefit from batteries that have a high CCA number. Please check your owner’s manual and find the required CCA code to ensure the number on your new Ford Edge battery Greeneville, TN matches.

About Greeneville, Tennesee:

  • The city is named after Nathanael Greene, a heroic general who served in the Revolutionary War.
  • Greeneville was the home of the country’s 17th president, Andrew Johnson.
  • There are up to 250 places of worship along Main Street.