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Buy A Powerful New Ford Edge Battery | Jackson, OH

If your current Ford Edge battery Jackson, OH seems to be weak or losing power quickly, stop by your nearest Ford dealership to buy a replacement. A participating dealership is the only place where you can get great deals on new batteries and more, thanks to our discount coupons. New car batteries can be pretty pricey, which is why we encourage you to use our savings for your purchase.

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The Properties of a Ford Edge Battery Jackson, OH

Ford Edge battery Jackson, OH

Trust the mechanics at Mark Porter Ford to select the best Ford Edge battery Jackson, OH for you.

There are several properties you should consider when choosing your next Ford Edge battery. These include battery size group, cold cranking amps, reserve capacity, age, maintenance level, and warranty. Since batteries aren’t cheap, it would benefit you to pay close attention to your current battery’s characteristics to find a similar or better battery. That way, you won’t waste your money on a product that doesn’t suit your vehicle’s needs.

Size: The first characteristic is the size group of your current battery. While some cars can use batteries of multiple sizes, it’s vital to find a battery that fits properly in your Ford Edge. A battery that’s too big obviously won’t fit next to the parts surrounding it, but a battery that’s too small is just as bad. It could come loose during vehicle operation, causing it to knock around and potentially short circuit.

Cold Cranking Amps (CCA): The CCA rating of a battery is an indication of its ability to start an engine in cold temperatures. Generally, the higher the CCA rating, the better the battery will perform in colder climates. SUVs like the Ford Edge should have a battery with a CCA rating of around 400 to 500 or better. If you live in an area that frequently experiences freezing temperatures, you’ll need to invest in a battery with a higher CCA rating.

Reserve Capacity (RC): The RC rating of a battery indicates how long it can continue to power the vehicle’s electrical system without needing to be recharged. A higher RC rating means that the battery can provide more power for longer periods of time. This rating is especially important if you rely on your engine’s electrical systems when the engine isn’t powered.

Ford Edge battery Jackson, OH

A reliable Ford Edge battery Jackson, OH should last between three and five years if kept in good condition.

Age: Older batteries can lose their ability to hold a charge and should be replaced. Most batteries last about three to five years after their manufacturing date. You can find this date on the battery’s label, which is typically located on either the top or side of a Ford Edge battery. The last digits of the code indicate the battery’s month and year of creation.

Maintenance: Some batteries require regular maintenance, such as topping off the electrolyte levels or cleaning the terminals. Lead-acid batteries tend to experience some levels of corrosion, which can form on the cables or terminals. These kinds of batteries may also need to have their water levels topped off from time to time.

Warranty: Many batteries come with a warranty, so make sure to read the fine print and understand the terms and conditions before purchasing. Ford dealerships stock Motorcraft batteries, which come with a two-year unlimited mileage warranty that covers the battery’s repairs, replacement, and any labor costs associated with its removal, installation, or disposal. You can rely on Motorcraft batteries to last for a long time and have an excellent warranty.

Five Signs You Need a New Ford Edge Battery

  1. Slow engine cranking: If your car takes longer than usual to start, it could be a sign that the battery is weak or failing. You may also hear clicking noises when you turn your key in the ignition.
  2. Dim headlights: When the battery is weak, the headlights may become dim or flicker.
  3. Electrical problems: If the radio, lights, or other electrical components are not working properly, it could be a sign of a failing battery.
  4. Swelling or bulging: If the battery case is swollen or bulging, it is likely near the end of its life and needs to be replaced. Swelling or bulging can be caused by excessive heat, overcharging, or sulfation buildup. If you notice your battery is swollen, it’s best to replace it as soon as possible to avoid any further damage to the battery or other components of your vehicle. This can also be a sign of sulfuric acid leaks, so be careful if you try to remove the battery yourself.
  5. Old age: Car batteries typically last between three and five years. If your battery is older than this, it’s probably time for a replacement. Check the battery label to find its manufacturing date and calculate its age.
Ford Edge battery Jackson, OH

If your car’s electrical systems are malfunctioning, have a Ford technician check your Ford Edge battery Jackson, OH.

Recharge Your Car with a New Battery!

Vehicle maintenance should be affordable for everyone, so use our excellent discount coupons to take better care of your car. When you bring it to your local dealership, your vehicle will be in the care of certified mechanics who know Ford models inside and out. Trust a trained Ford technician from Mark Porter Ford to provide you with the right type of Ford Edge battery Jackson, OH.

Fun Facts for Jackson, OH:

  • Andrew Jackson is the city’s namesake.
  • The city also serves as the county seat for Jackson County.
  • Jackson’s early days were built on a thriving iron industry.