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Efficient Ford Edge Oil Change Services! | Saint Paul, VA

Ford Edge oil change Saint Paul, VA

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Get a Ford Edge Oil Change Saint Paul, VA

Oil changes are one of the most critical routine services your Ford Edge needs. Missing a scheduled oil change can be highly detrimental to the lifespan of your Edge’s engine, so you must keep up with the routine oil changes. An automobile’s “circulatory system” significantly benefits from oil changes and functions at the highest performance level when the engine’s oil is well-filtered and at the right amount.

Ford Edge oil change Saint Paul, VA

There are many benefits to getting a routine Ford Edge oil change Saint Paul, VA.

The many essential moving parts within an engine need clean oil constantly circulating throughout to allow them to keep working harmoniously. Motor oil is designed to cool, clean, and lubricate the moving parts in an engine; this is only possible if drivers routinely change their engine’s oil. Maintain contact with your Ford mechanic, who will update you on the engine’s status and let you know what oil type best suits your Ford Edge.

Motor oil cools your engine as you drive. Oil removes and absorbs heat from various engine parts; without it, the car will have many issues. Engine blocks can reach 220 degrees Fahrenheit, so it’s imperative to keep fresh, well-functioning oil in the engine to keep its temperature at a safe level. 

In addition to cooling your engine, oil also cleans. When your Edge’s engine picks up grime and dirt during a drive, the oil takes the dirt and grime to the oil filter to keep the oil clean. Without a routine Ford Edge oil change Saint Paul, VA, the filter will become backed up and will no longer be able to strain out impurities. Without a working oil filter, dirty oil will continue circulating throughout your engine, inflicting damage on its moving parts. 

Lastly, oil also lubricates the moving parts to prevent them from grinding against one another. When the oil is old, it thins out and can no longer provide proper lubrication to the parts. Stay up to date with your Ford Edge oil change Saint Paul, VA, and keep your engine cool, clean, and lubricated. 

Oil Types

Ford technicians provide four types of high-quality Motorcraft oil to their customers. Every oil type has its benefits, so mechanics will let you know which oil works best for you depending on your vehicle’s needs, mileage, and usage. Apart from the Ford Edge oil change Saint Paul, VA coupons we provide customers, we also have a coupon available to allow customers to save on The Works Package deal that Ford dealerships offer.

The Works Package includes an oil change alongside other excellent car services, all bundled within one purchase. The extra services include tire rotations, pressure checks, brake inspections, and more. When customers use The Works Package coupon, they are guaranteed six quarts of fantastic Motorcraft oil for their Ford Edge oil change Saint Paul, VA.

Customers who are mainly looking to save money can choose conventional oil. Conventional oil is the cheapest out of the four oil types Ford offers and is comprised of crude oil and a various chemicals. The price is its main benefit, so if you want to improve your engine’s performance, you should consider the other oil types.

Full synthetic oil is available at twice the cost of conventional but is regarded as the best option for customers who want their engines to operate at the highest level. Full synthetic has higher viscosity levels and prevents oxidation better than conventional oil. This oil type can significantly increase an engine’s horsepower. While it is more costly than other oil types, it can save you money in the long run because it’ll make it less likely for your engine to need expensive repairs.

A synthetic blend is perfect if you want an oil that allows you to transition from conventional to full synthetic smoothly. This oil has the characteristics of conventional and full synthetic oil and several qualities that full synthetic oil does. If customers want their synthetic blend oil to perform even better in their engine, they can put additives in it. Additives can do things like the following:

Ford Edge oil change Saint Paul, VA

You can choose between four oil types when getting a Ford Edge oil change Saint Paul, VA.

  • Lessen oil leaks in high-mileage vehicles
  • Prevent oil from foaming
  • Prevent rust and corrosion
  • Help clean the engine
  • Protect from rust
  • Prevent the moving parts from wearing out fast
  • Lessen the likelihood of sludge
  • Maintain the thickness of the oil when exposed to extreme temperatures

The fourth type of Motorcraft oil that Ford technicians offer clients is high-mileage oil. High-mileage oil is perfect for those with automobiles that have over 75,000 miles. 

This oil is specifically created for vehicles with many miles on the engine and helps increase gas mileage, reduce emissions, and lessen oil consumption. If your aged Ford Edge experiences oil leakage, high-mileage oil can additionally help reduce such happenings.

Ford Service Coupon provides customers with oil change coupons to save on already affordable costs. Go to a Ford dealership for your Ford Edge oil change Saint Paul, VA and save your money!

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