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Kickstart Savings On A Ford Escape Battery | Kingsport TN

Ford Escape battery Kingsport, TN

The Ford Escape battery Kingsport, TN, is one of the most essential parts of your vehicle.

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Under The Hood

When you look under the hood of your Ford Escape, the battery may look like nothing more than a minor component compared to everything around it. But the car battery is arguably one of the most essential parts of any vehicle, including your Escape. While it may look small, it generates enough power to start your engine and keep your headlights and electronic features like the radio and windshield wipers functional. For such a small part, it packs quite a punch.

Whereas your Escape needs a regular oil change to keep the engine running, the battery doesn’t need routine maintenance and should last between three to five years. However, that lifespan can be significantly reduced due to weather conditions (especially cold weather), driving habits, and power needs.

While there may not be any routine maintenance for the battery, there are a few helpful tips to help optimize performance and avoid a dead battery. These maintenance tips include:

  • Securing the battery in the required space to prevent movement. If the battery is loose, excessive movement or vibration can cause the plates and inner components to shift out of place, affecting performance.
  • Turning off lights and electronics when exiting your Escape. While some electronic features will still utilize the battery when your vehicle is turned off, leaving others on can cause premature battery drain.
  • Cleaning away corrosion build-up from around the battery cables. Corrosion naturally occurs when battery acid mixes with the air, but left unattended, it can affect the battery’s performance. To clean it away, use baking soda and water, which neutralizes the acid. Use a brush to clean it away.

Signs Of A Weak Battery

Despite those maintenance tips, the battery’s power will begin to diminish over time. Because of this, regular battery testing is important to know where the power levels are at. A weak battery doesn’t just affect your Escape’s performance; it can also cause severe damage, leading to costly repairs.

  • When the battery’s voltage gets low, it can cause the engine to overheat, which can damage the internal components.

While the signs of a weak battery will be obvious, it’s still good to know what to look for. These signs can include:

  • Trouble getting the ignition started/turning the engine over.
  • If the engine does start, it doesn’t hold a charge.
  • Dim or flickering headlights and taillights.
  • Dim cabin and dashboard lights.
  • Electrical malfunctions.
  • Strange, acidic odors.

If your Escape isn’t performing up to your standards, it may be time for a battery replacement, and the service center at your local Ford dealership is there to help.

Ford Escape battery Kingsport, TN

Regular battery tests can help avoid damage caused by a weak battery.

Key Aspects Of Your Ford Escape Battery Kingsport, TN

When shopping for a new Ford Escape battery Kingsport, TN, there are aspects of batteries that may jump out and others that you’ll want to pay attention to. While there are an array of batteries available on the market, you’ll see two main types: Flooded and AGM batteries.

Flooded Batteries

Flooded wet cell batteries are the most common vehicle batteries. They use a combination of sulphuric acid and a liquid or gel substance to conduct electricity. While they’re cost-effective and relatively maintenance-free, they’re prone to damage and must be kept upright to avoid leakage.

AGM Batteries

AGM (absorbent glass mat) batteries have become increasingly popular and offer more benefits than traditional flooded batteries. These types of batteries use fiberglass plates and an electrolyte solution, much like flooded batteries, but because of their design, more plates can safely fit inside, providing more power for your Escape. Other benefits AGM batteries offer include a faster charge and longer lifespan.

These batteries are ideal for modified vehicles, like work trucks, that require additional power.

When it comes to the batteries themselves, there are a few factors you’ll want to pay attention to. These factors include:

Group Size

The group size, or battery size, is the physical dimensions (length x width x height). While most vehicles allow for more than one group size, it’s still important to find the correct one that fits properly in your Escape. Installing the wrong size could cause a fire if the battery’s posts come into contact with any metal surfaces.

Cold-Cranking Amps

The battery’s cold-cranking amps (CCA) are an important performance indicator that measures the amount of power the battery can sufficiently supply to start your Escape’s engine in zero-degree temperatures. The higher the number of amps, the better the battery’s performance will be.

Reserve Capacity

The reserve capacity (RC) measures how long the battery can run at full voltage before dropping to the minimum voltage level. Like cold-cranking amps, this is another important performance indicator, and the higher the number, the better the performance.

  • For example, if a 12V battery’s reserve capacity is 150, that means it will supply twenty-five amps for 150 minutes before dropping to the minimum 10.5V.

While there is a lot to pay attention to when exploring battery options, your Ford service advisor can guide you through them. They’ll help you explore your choices and select the battery best suited for your Escape. Best of all, with our Battery Coupon, you’ll always get the best value for a replacement.

Ford Escape battery Kingsport, TN

Ford uses OEM and Motorcraft parts when servicing and repairing vehicles.

The Benefit Of Ford Parts & Accessories

In addition to the savings you’ll receive with Ford service coupons, bringing your Escape to the Ford dealership has the added benefit of OEM parts. These parts are produced by the original manufacturer and designed to the exact specifications set by Ford. That means they’re closest to the original part and will fit and function perfectly when installed, keeping your Escape running as well as it did the day you drove it off the lot.

Ford also uses Motorcraft® parts and accessories when servicing and repairing vehicles. Motorcraft was created by Ford in 1972 and meets the standards of the brand, ensuring optimal performance when installed in your Escape. Our service coupons can help you save on oil changes and brake replacement, both of which will use Motorcraft parts and products.

If you’re ready to keep more money in your pockets on essential vehicle service and maintenance – including Ford’s exclusive oil change service The Works®, Ford Escape battery Kingsport, TN, and even new tires – print or screenshot our coupons and call ahead to schedule an appointment at your local participating Kingsport dealership, Fairway Ford!

Fun Facts About Kingsport, TN:

  • Kingsport is a simplified spelling of “King’s Port.”
  • Kingsport is part of the Mountain Empire.
  • When it was first chartered in 1822, Kingsport was an important shipping port on the Holston River.