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Find Quality Ford Escape Parts at a Ford Dealer | Athens, OH

Find the quality Ford Escape parts Athens, OH you need at Don Wood Ford Lincoln, Inc. Your local Athens Ford dealership is your home for everything you need for your Ford vehicle. You’ll find all the Ford auto parts and accessories that keep your vehicle on the road. Keep your SUV running at peak performance with parts and service from a trusted Ford dealership like Don wood Ford Lincoln, Inc.

Ford Escape Parts Athens, OH

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Auto parts are important. Your Ford Escape needs auto parts to perform properly and keep it operating. When your Ford Escape parts start to wear down, your vehicle will show poorer performance or even break down. To keep your car in good shape, it’s crucial to service and replace any parts as needed on a regular basis.

The best way to get the most out of your car is to bring it in for service to guarantee it’s operating properly. Regular checks and services will let you spot any possible concerns before they develop into bigger problems. Doing so can prevent more expensive repairs in the future. In addition, regular auto service can keep your Ford Escape’s performance, fuel efficiency, and safety at their highest levels.

Of course, routine service can wear away at your wallet if you’re not careful. That’s where Ford Service Coupon can come in. We have a coupon page full of Ford service and parts coupons. Check out your latest savings from our coupons page, and save on all the essentials you need to keep your Ford Escape parts in good working order.

Keeping Up With the Service for Your Ford Escape Parts Athens, OH

You should stick to a regular maintenance schedule for your car’s auto parts. Each one has different intervals that will keep them functioning properly. Ford Service Coupon has narrowed the scope of the various services into four main categories: oil changes, tires, brakes, and batteries.

Oil Changes – Without an engine, your vehicle wouldn’t be a vehicle. Routine oil changes keep your engine protected, lubricated, and cool. Without fresh oil at regular intervals, your engine could break down and cost enough to buy another vehicle to repair. Most Ford experts recommend getting an oil change every 5,000 to 7,500, so remember to visit Don Wood Ford Lincoln, Inc. for your next oil change.

Tires – Without tires, your vehicle wouldn’t be able to move. The tire treads help your vehicle grip the road and keep you from sliding in bad driving conditions. Constant usage will wear down those treads, hindering their ability to keep you stable. Routine tire services can even out the wear on your tires and prolong the time before replacing them.

Brakes – Without your brakes, you wouldn’t be able to come to a stop safely. Your brakes are one of the most important safety functions of your vehicle. Hitting or slamming the brakes too often can wear down the brake pads and cause your brakes to wear down faster. The experts will replace the brake pads to keep them working for longer.

Batteries – Without your car battery, you would be unable to start your car. Your battery is the power source for your entire vehicle. Eventually, your battery will die from age or some other cause, and you’ll need to replace it with a new one. The experts can ensure that it remains working as long as possible before switching it out with a new one.

Ford Escape Parts Athens, OH

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Is It Time to Replace Your Auto Parts?

To prevent further damage, you should replace worn-out or broken parts as soon as possible. You can usually see or feel the signs that you need to replace your aging Ford Escape parts before they completely break down. Some common signs your vehicle might have some problems include the following:

  • Decreased engine output power
  • Uneven tire wear
  • Odd noises coming from below the hood
  • Leaking fluids
  • Dashboard lights flashing warning codes

If you notice any of these issues or any other changes from your car’s usual operation, you should get an inspection as soon as possible.

Replacing Your Ford Escape Parts with OEM Ford Parts & Accessories

When you’re looking for new Ford Escape parts Athens, OH, you’ll have a choice between generic aftermarket and Ford OEM parts. What is the difference? OEM parts are made by the manufacturer that engineered your vehicle, while generic aftermarket parts are made as a one-size-fits-many type of auto parts.

Besides who made the parts, the quality is the biggest distinction between aftermarket and OEM parts. OEM parts usually have a limited warranty that comes with them that covers their performance and are made to suit your car precisely. Despite being cheaper, aftermarket parts don’t have a warranty, and they’re not as reliable since they use cheaper materials.

While it might be simpler to get aftermarket parts, they won’t always line up with the original design of your vehicle. This could impair overall function and performance. They could also be completely incompatible with the rest of your vehicle. That’s why OEM parts are always the best choice for your vehicle. They’re of higher quality, always fit your vehicle’s dimensions, and provide a higher level of performance than generic parts.

Ford Escape Parts Athens, OH

Get OEM Ford Escape parts to ensure your vehicle runs at peak performance.

Keeping Your Parts in Good Condition

Maintaining your auto parts is crucial to keeping your vehicle safe and operating properly. This entails giving them routine service, replacing worn-out or broken parts, and acting as soon as you notice issues with your car. Well-maintained vehicles can last for years. Bring your vehicle to Don Wood Ford Lincoln, Inc. for routine service or new parts.

Call the dealership ahead of time to schedule an appointment or check the availability of the part you want. You won’t find a better local Athens Ford dealer than Don Wood Ford Lincoln. You can’t escape the need for new Ford Escape parts Athens, OH, so get what you need from a local Ford dealer you can trust.

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