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Discover The Ford Expedition Accessories Today | Abingdon VA

Ford Expedition accessories Abingdon, VA

Save on parts and Ford Expedition accessories Abingdon, VA, when you use Ford service coupons today.

Discover the Ford Expedition accessories Abingdon, VA, today and save on replacements when you take advantage of Ford service coupons. Even if you’re not a Ford vehicle driver, our coupons can still work for you and are available to help all drivers save on the essential service and maintenance their vehicles depend on for optimal performance.

Explore our coupon database today and discover how our service coupons can work for you on your next visit to your local Ford service department. While you may believe that it’s going to be more expensive to have service and repairs done at the dealership, when you’re a Ford customer, you’ll quickly find that isn’t the case.

Ford aims to provide competitive pricing for all of its services, so customers can always be assured they’re the best deals available when they drop their vehicles off. Combine that competitive pricing with the savings you’ll receive from our coupons, and you’re sure to receive deals you won’t find anywhere else.

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The Downside Of Aftermarket Parts

While you may find a convenience by bringing your Ford Expedition in for service or repairs at the local auto repair shop, that convenience can be overburdened by the inevitable headaches that are sure to develop as a result. Despite the skill the mechanics there may no doubt possess, they’re most likely going to use aftermarket parts to fix whatever issue is plaguing your Expedition.

Even though there’s nothing that’s necessarily wrong with aftermarket parts, there are considerable drawbacks to having them installed in your vehicle. These parts are manufactured in mass quantities using low-grade materials that result in an inferior product. As a result, aftermarket parts tend to wear out faster and aren’t covered by a warranty policy, resulting in a loss of time and money by forcing you to bring your Expedition back in for additional repairs.

When you’re looking for Ford Expedition accessories Abingdon, VA, and parts that are going to deliver the quality and performance you expect to maintain the reliability of your vehicle, look no further than your local Ford dealership’s service center. While you may have thought otherwise, scheduling an appointment with them is one of the most beneficial decisions you can work for exceptional automotive care.

Ford Expedition accessories Abingdon, VA

Let Ford’s certified technicians keep your Expedition running like new.

The Benefits Ford Expedition Accessories Abingdon, VA

When you bring your Ford Expedition in for service or repairs to the Ford service department, you’ll discover the immediate benefit of the parts and accessories they use when working on vehicles. Ford uses OEM (original equipment manufacturer) parts to repair its vehicles. These parts are designed to match the exact specifications of the original component, so they’re guaranteed to fit when installed and restore your Expedition to its original vehicle performance.

Furthermore, OEM parts come from Ford’s official manufacturer rather than a third-party vendor. They’re also produced in mass amounts, but unlike aftermarket parts, they’re manufactured using better resources, making them a higher quality product that’s built to last. This helps to ensure your Expedition maintains reliable driving performance.

In addition to a perfect fit and their high quality, OEM parts come with a range of other benefits, including:

  • Response time: whereas aftermarket parts may have to be ordered in before any repairs can begin, Ford’s service department is well-stocked in a variety of OEM parts and can have the repairs completed much faster, cutting down on your wait time to get you back on the road.
  • Preserve originality: because aftermarket parts are lower quality and are designed to match any specifications, they’ll typically decrease a vehicle’s overall value. But OEM parts prove ideal for car enthusiasts because they’re designed to match the original part, helping to maintain their vehicle’s originality. And they’re beneficial for people looking to sell their vehicle, as they help maintain the value.

The most beneficial aspect of OEM parts is that they not only offer a return on investment, helping you save time and money because of the quality and reliability they provide, but they also provide peace of mind as they come covered by Ford’s Service Parts Warranty. Under this policy, installed parts will be covered for twenty-four months for an unlimited amount of miles.

Ford Expedition accessories Abingdon, VA

Ford’s OEM and Motorcraft parts and products will keep your Expedition running like new.

The Magic Of Motorcraft®

Not only does Ford utilize OEM parts, but they also use Motorcraft® products when servicing and repairing vehicles. Ford established the Motorcraft brand in 1972 to sell original vehicle parts directly to customers, and today these products are used in Ford, Lincoln, and Mercury vehicles, and even vehicles not under the Ford banner. Motorcraft products are designed by the same people that develop Ford vehicles and are designed to meet the standards of the Ford brand.

Whether it’s parts or products that are used in your Expedition, you can assured they’ll provide the performance you’ve grown accustomed to and keep your vehicle running just as well as it ever did. Motorcraft develops a wide range of automotive products, including lubricants and chemicals for use in oil changes (including Ford’s exclusive The Works® Package and your local Quick Lane® Tire & Auto Center), new brakes, battery replacements, and replacements for belts, hoses, and filters.

Other Motorcraft products include air conditioning, chassis, steering, and windshield wiper blades. Just like OEM parts, these products are also covered by Ford’s Service Parts Warranty to ensure optimal coverage and peace of mind.

Discover Your Savings Today

Along with our coupon savings for oil changes, brakes, and batteries, we can also help you get the best deal on a new set of tires. Ford works with sixteen major tire brands – including Michelin® and Firestone – so you’ll have access to the best options when shopping for premium tire products. If you’re ready to start saving on service and Ford Expedition accessories Abingdon, VA, call Empire Ford today.

Fun Facts About Abingdon, VA:

  • Possible namesakes for Abingdon’s name include Martha Washington’s ancestral home or settler William Campbell’s friend, Lord Abingdon.
  • Abingdon’s Barter Theatre, the state theatre of Virginia, was opened during the Great Depression in 1933.
  • The final stop on the Virginia Creeper trail – which allows pedestrian, cyclist, and equestrian traffic – is Abingdon.