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Ford Explorer Parts With The Highest Quality | Wise, VA

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Ford Explorer parts Wise, VA

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The Dangers Of Not Replacing Parts

Every single component of your vehicle has its own expiration date. They’ll have a different lifespan based on how you use them, the quality they came in, and how often it’s maintained. But all parts must be replaced within 350,000 miles of usage or within the first ten years of use. All replacements and repairs are worth completing unless it gets to the extent of costing more than the vehicle’s value.

Not replacing your Ford Explorer parts can lead to your entire car breaking down. For example, if you don’t replace your fuel filter, it could block fuel from entering the engine. The purpose of said filters is to block out any impurities and contaminants. But when it’s too full, it can block the flow of fuel. And this could make your engine misfire, effectively damaging the system.

But even more so, it can put your safety at risk. Not replacing parts like the brake pads can severely damage your brakes. And if even that goes unaddressed, you’d be driving around with a faulty brake. Your brakes are some of the most important parts of your vehicle, and their main purpose is to protect you. In cases of emergency stops and sharp turns, you’ll be in grave danger.

What Makes These Ford Explorer Parts Wise, VA So Special

Compared to aftermarket parts, the ones offered at Ford dealerships have far more benefits. When you purchase Ford Explorer parts from Freedom Ford Lincoln, Inc., you’ll be able to choose from one of two sources. Original equipment manufacturer (OEM) and Motorcraft®. Both guarantee excellent products and have very few differences.

Ford Explorer parts Wise, VA

Your filters are vital to the overall health of your vehicle. Be sure to replace them as soon as it starts to get full.

OEM parts are sourced directly from official manufacturers, and Ford itself creates the Motorcraft parts. This is a lengthy list of the benefits of purchasing OEM parts:

  • They will fit your vehicle perfectly, not too loose or tight.
  • As soon as you let your Ford advisor know, you’ll receive your new parts immediately.
  • You can continue to preserve the originality of your vehicle.
  • These parts are guaranteed to be of higher quality than aftermarket ones.
  • You will definitely get a warranty, and it will actually be useful.
  • A great return on investment is guaranteed.

While aftermarket parts may cost less than OEM Ford Explorer parts, they aren’t necessarily more cost-efficient. These aftermarket parts don’t have good quality check (QC) system and are far less likely to supply warranties. Even when they do have a warranty, the clauses won’t work in favor of the consumer. You’ll actually end up wasting more money with aftermarket parts.

Think about this scenario. Someone replaces their wheel rims with aftermarket ones because they were offered at a higher price. They take a day off to have everything replaced and pay $80 for wheel alignment at the end. The rims end up denting after only two months, and the car owner has to order a new set of wheels. Mainly because the aftermarket warranty won’t cover it and because they don’t want another low-quality set of rims.

In the described scenario, the car owner lost at least two days’ worth of wages to deal with this problem. On top of this, it was past the refund/return time frame, and they weren’t able to use the warranty. All of this can be avoided if they chose to purchase Ford Explorer parts from Freedom Ford Lincoln, Inc.

Some premium parts you can find at your local dealership include things like: batteries, belts, brakes, chemicals, fuel pumps, cooling systems, wiper blades, and the suspension system.

Ford Explorer parts Wise, VA

Rest assured that a professional Ford technician will perfectly install your Ford Explorer parts Wise, VA.

Take Some Time To Maintain These Special Ford Explorer Parts

The more regularly you take your car in for the suggested maintenance services, the fewer part replacements you’ll have to do. Not only will maintenance services save you a ton of money, but they will also help ensure your safety. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), approximately 20 percent of all road accidents are caused by poor vehicle maintenance.

People tend to put off any suggested service appointments because they believe their vehicles are still functioning perfectly. While some damages may be glaringly noticeable, most deterioration won’t be obvious. Only when you get inspections and tests will you see the damage’s severity.

As mechanics all over the country suggest, some services should be completed no less than once or twice a year. These essential services include oil changes, brake inspections, tire rotations, and battery checks. As you focus on these essential services, you’ll also be completing ample work protecting other auto parts as well.

Begin proper maintenance on your Ford Explorer parts Wise, VA as soon as you get them installed.

Wise, VA Fun Facts

  • The town was originally named “Gladeville” in 1874.
  • Wise has a total area of 3.1 square miles.
  • The current mayor is Teresa Adkins.