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Get Absolute Savings For A Ford F350 Battery | Kingsport TN

Get absolute savings for a Ford F350 battery Kingsport, TN, with help from Ford service coupons! Our coupons help all drivers save on the services their vehicles depend on, even if you don’t drive a Ford. Explore our coupon database today and discover the ways Ford service coupons can work for you.

Ford F350 battery Kingsport, TN

Keep your truck running strong with a new Ford F350 battery Kingsport, TN.

Under The Hood Of Your Truck

When you pop the hood of any other vehicle, you’re most likely going to find only one small yet powerful battery installed to provide a plethora of power to keep the vehicle running. However, when you look under the hood of a Ford F-350, you may find one or two batteries. That depends on whether it’s a gas- or diesel-powered engine.

A gas-powered F-350 only requires one battery to keep it operational, but a diesel-powered truck needs two. That’s because diesel engines need double the cranking amps in order to turn on because of the higher resistance load. Once the engine is running, the battery will propel enough power to illuminate the road with your headlights, keep you rockin’ with the radio, and power other electronic features like the windows and windshield wipers.

Depending on factors like weather conditions (especially freezing temperatures), driving habits, the battery size, and the power needs of your truck, the Ford F350 battery Kingsport, TN, should last between three to five years. As the power supply begins to diminish, you may notice a decrease in your F-350’s performance.

While it may not seem as important as other routine maintenance, like regular oil changes, knowing the quality of your battery can prevent running into issues like a dead battery or overheating, which can be avoided with regular battery testing.

As the battery’s power drops, the low voltage can cause the engine to overheat, causing damage to the internal engine components. While maintenance tips like cleaning away corrosion can help maintain optimal performance, once the battery’s power levels start to go, you’ll want to consider getting a replacement immediately. When you do, the service department at your local Ford dealership is the place to go.

Ford F350 battery Kingsport, TN

Ford service technicians will make sure your Ford F-350 gets the right battery.

Replacing Your Ford F350 Battery Kingsport, TN

Before purchasing a new battery, there are a few key aspects you’ll want to keep in mind. The important aspects of a new battery you’ll want to pay attention to include the following:

  • Group Size: the battery’s physical dimensions (length x width x height). While some vehicles will fit more than one group size, it’s important to find the correct size for your F-350, especially if it requires two batteries. The wrong size could cause a fire if the battery posts contact with any metal surfaces.
  • Cold-Cranking Amps: the performance indicator that measures how much power the battery can supply for thirty seconds in zero-degree temperatures.
  • Reserve Capacity: the performance indicator that measures the length of time the battery can supply sufficient power before it drops to the minimum voltage level.

If you’re shopping on your own, these aspects of the battery can be found in the owner’s manual; if you’re at the dealership, the service advisor can help you find the right battery (or batteries) for your F-350 and get it back to fully powered in no time.

Ford Service Benefits

When you choose a Ford vehicle, you’re investing in reliability, craftsmanship, performance, safety, and style. Ford vehicles are built to last, and that quality extends well beyond your car or truck. When it’s time for maintenance and repairs, one of the best decisions you can make is to bring it to your local Ford dealership’s service department. While there is a convenience found when you go to a local auto repair shop, you won’t find the benefits there that you’ll get at Ford.

Ford’s service departments use OEM (original equipment manufacturer) parts to repair vehicles. These parts come direct from Ford’s official manufacturer as opposed to a third-party vendor. They’re manufactured using high-quality resources, making them stronger and longer lasting.

When you go to any other auto repair shop, the mechanic will most likely use aftermarket parts. While there’s nothing wrong with these, they’re often mass-produced using low-grade materials, making them an inferior product compared to an OEM part.

Aftermarket parts will get your truck back into working condition, but they wear out much faster and aren’t covered by warranty, costing you time and money by bringing it back in for further repairs. Ford’s OEM parts are designed to match the exact specifications of the original part, making them a perfect fit for your Ford F-350 and restoring its original vehicle performance.

Ford F350 battery Kingsport, TN

Motorcraft parts are developed to work just as well as the original.

In addition to OEM parts, Ford also carries and uses Motorcraft® parts and accessories, a brand they created in 1972. Motorcraft parts are designed by the same people who design Ford vehicles like the F-350 and are developed to meet the standards set by the Ford brand. When they’re installed in your truck, they’ll keep it running just as well as it ever did.

Service and maintenance where Ford’s service technicians may use Motorcraft parts and products include oil changes (Ford recommends Motorcraft engine oil in its vehicles), brake and battery replacements, and even the Ford-exclusive oil change service The Works®.

Along with an oil change, tire rotation, and pressure check, The Works Package also tests the battery, inspects the brakes, and checks the filters, belts, hoses, and fluids. Motorcraft develops the parts and products that may be used to replace an old one.

Furthermore, not only are you getting Ford quality when these parts and accessories are used for your truck, but you’re also getting protection with Ford’s Service Parts Warranty. Under this coverage, installed parts will be covered for twenty-four months for unlimited mileage.

Power Up Your Savings Today

If you’re ready to start getting more from your vehicle service visits, print or screenshot our coupons and call to schedule an appointment for service at your local Kingsport dealership, Fairway Ford. Ford service coupons can help you save on oil changes, new brakes, a replacement for a Ford F350 battery Kingsport, TN, a new set of tires, and even for service at your local Quick Lane® Tire & Auto Center.

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  • Kingsport was first chartered in 1822 and named after William King.
  • Kingsports’ first citizens were the Cherokee.
  • Kingsport was organized with areas for churches, commerce, housing, and industry, earning it the nickname “the Model City.”