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Save Big on Your Next Ford F350 Battery | Saint Paul, VA

Ford F350 battery Saint Paul, VA

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Use a Coupon to Buy a New Ford F350 Battery Saint Paul, VA

One of the most vital components of any vehicle is the battery. A vehicle’s battery generates the electricity your engine needs to start. When a driver turns the key in the ignition, the battery starts up the engine which in turn cranks up the alternator. The alternator then begins its job of recharging your battery to ensure it can start the engine the next time the driver turns the key.

Car batteries last an average of three to five years depending on how well they are taken care of and the climate surrounding them. Without a properly functioning Ford F350 battery Saint Paul, VA, you can’t go anywhere, so it’s important to stay on top of replacing it when necessary and maintaining it as best as you can.

When the lifespan of your current Ford F350 battery Saint Paul, VA draws to an end, you’ll need to purchase a replacement as soon as possible so as not to experience the inconvenience of a dead battery when you need to get somewhere. Ford Service Coupon has an excellent battery coupon available to help you save on the cost, so if you’re gonna buy a battery replacement, it’s best to do so through Ford!

Important Battery Factors

Ford F350 battery Saint Paul, VA

Get your Ford F350 battery Saint Paul, VA replaced at your local Ford dealership.

Not every battery is the same. Some come with certain characteristics that better serve certain vehicles and uses, so when buying a new battery, it’s important to know the type of battery you need. There are several crucial factors one must consider before deciding on a particular battery for their vehicle. Vital factors are the following:

Battery Group Size: This refers to the height, length, and width parameters of a battery. There are up to 50 group sizes with the largest size typically meaning a higher capacity.  Many vehicles allow for more than one battery size to be placed under their hoods.

However, it may not be so simple regarding your vehicle. Look through your owner’s manual to check what group size is acceptable.

Reserve Capacity (RC): As technology has advanced, vehicles have become equipped with more and more electronic features that rely on battery power. Features such as charger ports, backup cameras, and LCD screens are a few examples of vehicle electronics that rely on the battery.

The RC is a performance indicator that refers to the amount of power the battery can provide while the engine isn’t running. Drivers who wish to run their electronic features without using their engines will greatly benefit from a battery with fantastic reserve capacity. There are even batteries called Absorbed glass mat (AGM) that are designed to withstand excessive use if you are someone who wants a battery that can handle that kind of drainage.

Cold Cranking Amps (CCA): Just like reserve capacity, the cold cranking amps are a performance indicator. This specific indicator refers to the amount of power a battery can provide within 30 seconds in 0-degree weather. The CCA can be found in your owner’s manual, and it is important to match the number on your new batter to the one found in the manual.

Battery Date Code: Check the sticker on the battery to find the date code that relays when it was manufactured. The date code can also be found melted into the side of a battery if not on the sticker. The efficiency of a battery drops the longer it sits, so it’s important to purchase a battery that was made recently.

The date code of a Ford F350 battery Saint Paul, VA is depicted by two characters: a letter and a number. The letter appears first and represents the month when the battery was made and the second character, the number, is the last digit of the year the battery was made.

If any of these factors are difficult to comprehend as you search for a Ford F350 battery Saint Paul, VA replacement, you can always speak to a Ford technician, and they can answer any questions you may have.

Ford F350 battery Saint Paul, VA

Purchase parts through Motorcraft!

Motorcraft Brand

When buying a new Ford F350 battery Saint Paul, VA, you should consider getting it through Ford’s auto part brand, Motorcraft. Ford established the brand in 1972 because the company wanted its customers to have access to original parts.

You should want a battery that best fits your Ford vehicle and maintains its originality and high quality, and that’s exactly what buying through Motorcraft can help you achieve.

Not only does this brand guarantee a perfect fit but all Motorcraft parts are covered by the Service Parts Warranty (SPW) upon installation or purchase. This warranty lasts for 24 months regardless of mileage which can help ease your mind after your purchase. Changes to this warranty may apply to your Ford F350 battery Saint Paul, VA so make sure you speak with an expert to learn all you can!

Fun Facts about Saint Paul, Virginia:

  • St. Paul gets an average of 45 inches of rain every year.
  • Yearly, the town experiences 124.2 days when nighttime temperatures drop below freezing, making it colder than most places in Virginia.
  • The Clinch river flows through Saint Paul and is the most bio-diverse of all rivers in the Northern hemisphere.