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Get A Ford Fusion Battery Replacement Now | Kingsport TN

Get a new Ford Fusion battery replacement Kingsport, TN, now and save when you use our Ford service coupons for service!

Ford Fusion battery replacement Kingsport, TN

Get a Ford Fusion battery replacement Kingsport, TN, to ensure great driving performance.

Small Size, Big Power

When you pop the hood of your Ford Fusion, you may think the battery doesn’t look like much. But it’s arguably one of the most crucial components of your car. Despite its small size, it delivers big power, enough that your engine can start, the headlights can shine, the radio can rock, and electronic features like the windshield wipers can function.

The car battery can continue performing for anywhere between three to five years, though weather conditions and driving habits can reduce that lifespan. Even though it doesn’t receive routine maintenance like other areas of your Fusion, there are some helpful maintenance tips that prolong its life, ensure optimal performance, and avoid encountering a dead battery.

The most beneficial of these tips is cleaning away corrosion build-up from around the cables. Corrosion occurs when battery acid combines with the air, and too much build-up can affect performance. To clean it off, mix baking soda and some water to neutralize the battery acid. Once that’s complete, gently brush off the corrosion using a wire brush and wipe off any excess.

Other maintenance tips include turning off all lights and electronics whenever you exit your Fusion and making sure the battery doesn’t endure any excessive movement or vibration by securing it firmly in its required space. However, despite these tips, the battery’s power will eventually start to diminish.

Weak Battery, Weakened Vehicle

As the battery power starts to go down, you’ll notice obvious signs that it’s starting to grow weak. These can range from difficulty trying to get the engine running, dim headlights and dashboard lights, or strange mechanical odors. While you can head off any further issues by making a battery test part of your maintenance schedule, when you notice these signs, it’s best to replace the battery right away. A weak battery has a low voltage, which can cause the engine to overheat and damage the internal components.

Get A Ford Fusion Battery Replacement Kingsport, TN

When it’s time to replace the battery, there are a few key aspects you’ll want to note when shopping around. These include the battery’s

  • Group Size: length x width x height.
  • Cold-Cranking Amps: a performance indicator that shows how much power the battery can supply for thirty seconds in frigid weather conditions.
  • Reserve Capacity: a performance indicator that will tell you the length of time the battery supplies sufficient power before it drops to its minimum voltage level.
  • Date Code: the date the battery was manufactured.
Ford Fusion battery replacement Kingsport, TN

A Ford service technician can make sure you have the right battery for your Ford Fusion.

The group size should accurately fit your Ford Fusion to avoid any hazards; the number of cold-cranking amps and reserve capacity should be high in order to achieve the best performance; and the date code should be recent to ensure maximum efficiency.

The standard aspects for your Ford Fusion battery replacement Kingsport, TN, are 590 cold-cranking amps, 740 cranking amps, and a ninety-five-minute reserve capacity. However, it’s best to check your owner’s manual to ensure you’re selecting the correct battery that’s an appropriate fit for your Fusion.

If you’d prefer to be safe than sorry, schedule an appointment for battery service at your local Ford dealership. A service advisor will be able to ensure you get the right battery installed, and they’ll even recycle your old car battery at no additional charge. Furthermore, when you use our Battery Replacement, you’ll be able to save on the replacement.

Ford Quality Counts

When you invest in a Ford vehicle like the Fusion, you’re not only getting a well-built vehicle that’s safe, dependable, and stylish. You’re also getting access to high-quality Ford parts and accessories. While local auto repair shops use aftermarket parts to repair vehicles – which are low-quality and wear out fast – Ford repairs its vehicles using OEM (original equipment manufacturer) parts.

These parts are designed to the exact specifications of the original part and manufactured using better resources, making them a high-quality product that’s designed to fit your vehicle perfectly, built to last, and will restore it to original vehicle performance.

Additionally, Ford also uses Motorcraft® parts, accessories, and products in its vehicles. The Motorcraft brand was established by Ford in 1972 and are developed to meet the standards of the Ford brand. Motorcraft develops a wide range of parts and products that Ford’s service department puts to use, including lubricants for oil changes, chemicals, filters, belts, hoses, new brakes, and batteries.

Both OEM and Motorcraft parts are covered by Ford’s Service Parts Warranty, providing coverage for twenty-four months for unlimited miles, giving you protection and peace of mind for a reliably performing vehicle. When you drive it off the lot once it’s repaired with OEM and Motorcraft parts, it’ll run just as well as it did on the day you bought it.

Ford Fusion battery replacement Kingsport, TN

Avoid a dead battery and save on a new battery for your Fusion.

Your Service Savings Are Here

Quality and service collide when you bring your Ford Fusion to your local Ford dealership. While the long-held belief has been routine service and repairs of any kind are going to be more expensive at the dealership compared to a local auto shop, when you bring your vehicle to Ford, you’ll quickly discover that’s not the case at all. Ford aims to provide competitive pricing to its customers for all its services, so you can always be assured you’re getting the best deal around.

And now you’ll have the added benefit of Ford service coupons on your side. We’re proud to partner with Ford and deliver even bigger and better savings that can help keep more money in your pockets.

Vehicle maintenance shouldn’t break the bank, but unfortunately, the typical cost is a major factor for drivers avoiding vital maintenance like oil changes (such as Ford’s exclusive The Works® Package), new brakes, or even investing in a new set of tires. But with the help of our coupons, that concern can be a thing of the past.

Keep your Fusion running at peak performance by visiting our coupon database to discover how our service coupons can work to your advantage. All you’ll have to do is print or screenshot them and bring them with you on your next service visit to your local participating Kingsport dealership, Fairway Ford.

Call today to schedule an appointment and save on the service you need like a Ford Fusion battery replacement Kingsport, TN.

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