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Stop In To Save On Ford Fusion Hybrid Battery | Kingsport TN

Ford Fusion Hybrid battery Kingsport, TN

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Ford Fusion Hybrid battery Kingsport, TN

Your Ford Fusion can’t run without a standard battery and power storage hybrid battery.

Rev Up The Ford Fusion Hybrid Battery Kingsport, TN

When you pop the hood of a standard gas-powered vehicle, you’ll find a single battery installed. This acts as a sufficient power source to provide enough energy to get the engine running, power the headlights and radio, and keep electronic features like windshield wipers functional. However, if you drive a Ford Fusion Hybrid, your car will need two separate batteries for it to run: a standard car battery for the internal combustion engine and a mass storage battery to power the electric motor.

Since the Ford Fusion Hybrid battery Kingsport, TN, powers different engines, you may think it’s not a big deal if one of those batteries dies. After all, you’re switching between the two for them to run, so all you’ll have to do is switch to the one that’s still operational. While this may seem like a simple solution, your Ford Fusion Hybrid won’t run without both batteries being functional.

While the standard car battery’s lifespan remains the same as any other vehicle battery – three to five years, barring factors like driving habits and weather conditions affecting its lifespan – the hybrid battery will perform for 150,000 miles or 15 years, after which it’ll need to be replaced.

Maintenance for the standard battery remains the same:

  • Make sure the battery is secured firmly in the required space.
  • Turn off lights and electronics when exiting the Fusion.
  • Clean corrosion build-up away to prevent poor performance.

Maintaining the hybrid battery is a bit different. These vehicles have built-in batteries for power storage and will allow you to drive for around fifteen to fifty miles on a fully-charged battery before the gasoline engine kicks in. In order to help the battery remember its fully charged capacity, the best maintenance is to let it drain completely and then recharge it to its full capacity.

Much like standard batteries, hybrid batteries can also be affected by cold weather conditions. To continue getting optimal performance, it’s a good idea to keep the battery warm during these seasonal shifts. If you don’t drive your vehicle very often, storing it in a warm garage can help ensure it performs well the next time you take it for a drive.

When It’s Time For A Replacement

While the hybrid battery may last longer, the standard battery’s performance will diminish over time, causing performance issues. A weak battery can be detrimental to your Fusion’s health, so it’s good to recognize the signs, which include

  • Difficulty getting the engine starting.
  • If the engine does start, it doesn’t hold a charge.
  • Dim or flickering tail and headlights.
  • Dim cabin and dashboard lighting.
  • Electrical malfunctions.
  • Strange mechanical smells.
Ford Fusion Hybrid battery Kingsport, TN

Bring your Ford Fusion in for a battery replacement today.

Regular battery tests are a maintenance most people don’t consider, but it’s worth adding to your vehicle’s schedule. This will help you stay informed of the battery’s quality so that you can avoid encountering a dead battery. Since the standard battery replacement time is going to arrive before the hybrid’s, head on over to your local Ford dealership and save on the replacement with our Battery Coupon.

While you may think all batteries are the same, it’s important to find the correct one that’s going to provide optimal performance for your Ford Fusion. The standard battery has a few key aspects you’ll want to pay attention to. These include:

  • Group Size: the battery’s dimensions (length x width x height). While most vehicles allow for more than one group size to be installed, it’s still imperative to find the correct one for your Fusion to avoid any potential hazards from occurring.
  • Cold-Cranking Amps (CCA): the number of amps will indicate how well the battery will perform for thirty seconds in cold weather conditions. The more amps the battery has, the better it will perform to get the engine running.
  • Reserve Capacity (RC): the capacity will indicate how long the battery will supply a sufficient level of power before it drops to the minimum voltage level. The higher the battery’s capacity, the better the performance will be.
  • Date Code: this code can be found on the sticker or label attached to the battery and indicates when it was made. When checking the date code, it’s best to select a battery with the most recent manufacturing date. That’s because the longer a battery sits, the less effective it will perform once installed.

This may seem like a lot to look for, but it won’t be a tough process. The service advisor at Ford will be able to help you select the correct one for your Ford Fusion and get you back on the road in no time.

Get Ford Service Savings Today

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Fun Facts About Kingsport, TN:

  • The name Kingsport is simplified from “King’s Port.”
  • Kingsport is named after William King.
  • Kingsport is located in Tennessee’s Mountain Empire.