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An Exceptional Ford Tire Warranty Guaranteed | Grayson, KY

Use the discounts provided by Ford Service Coupon to purchase tire replacements that are covered by an incredible Ford tire warranty Grayson, KY. Along with tire replacements, customers can find coupons that help them save on new brakes, batteries, and much more. Our collaboration with Ford Motor Company guarantees that the parts our customers purchase with our coupons are high-quality and covered by the best warranties.

Ford tire warranty Grayson, KY

Use the great tire coupons Ford Service Coupon provides to save big!

Call and schedule an appointment at your local Ford dealership to receive the best tire services around. Before arriving for your appointment, make sure you look through our coupon catalog and print out the one you’d like to use. Come to the dealership, coupon in hand, and experience the utmost quality vehicular service.

If you’re looking to purchase new tires, Ford is the best place to buy them from. Tires perform their best at 25,000 to 50,000 miles depending on age and use. Anything beyond that, you are at risk of blowouts and flats. Ensure you stay up to date with your tire replacements and bring your car to Ford dealership service centers for tire rotations.

Ford Motor Company offers up to 16 brands of tires like Hankook, Bridgestone, Continental, Firestone, and more to ensure all drivers have access to the exact tire they want. It is recommended to purchase tires of the same brand as your original tires, but there may be times when a different brand can serve your vehicle better.

Each brand has its own benefits that Ford technicians will discuss with you if you need clarity. Within the 16 brands are the following types that serve different driving purposes:

  • All-season
  • Performance all-season
  • Ultra-high performance
  • All-terrain tires
  • Snow tires

All-season tires serve vehicles well all year round, so they are always a great choice when buying new tires. However, snow tires may be a great option if you drive in snowy areas. These tires are engineered to maintain a better grip on snowy roads than other tires. If you like to drive off-road in mountainous and rough terrain, you might want to consider all-terrain tires.

Purchasing tires that coincide with your driving habits is highly recommended. When you have tires that have been designed to withstand the specific terrain you often drive on, their wear and tear won’t be as excessive as that of a tire that is only meant for an average road.

Those who buy new tires through Ford can sign up for their fantastic Ford tire warranty Grayson, KY: Ford Protect TireCare (FPT). FPT covers wheel repair and tire replacement for everyday road hazards like nails, pothole debris, blowouts, and more. These repairs come with a $100 reimbursement as well.

FPT also provides customers with towing services if needed. If you experience tire trouble, the towing service can take your vehicle to the nearest Ford or Lincoln dealership so you can get your tire taken care of right away. The Ford Protect TireCare coverage is highly beneficial, so when you buy new tires, make sure you sign up for the Ford tire warranty Grayson, KY.

Ford tire warranty Grayson, KY

Look into Ford tire warranty Grayson, KY options when you purchase tire replacements.

Ford Tire Warranty Grayson, KY: The New Vehicle Limited Warranty

Two excellent warranties apply to the tires of new Ford vehicles: The New Vehicle Limited Warranty and The Ford Roadside Assistance Program. The New Vehicle Limited Warranty provides up to 100% coverage of labor costs for any tire defects of factory-supplied materials. Any defective tires can be replaced under this warranty on a pro-rata adjustment basis.

The New Vehicle Limited Warranty adheres to a mileage-based reimbursement schedule.

For example, if the vehicle has 1-12,000 miles, 100% coverage is available. Vehicles with 12,001-24,000 miles get 60% coverage, and vehicles with 24,001-36,000 miles get 30% coverage.

When receiving your new tires, you may find that the manufacturer will also provide a separate Ford tire warranty Grayson, KY. The separate tire warranty may go beyond the New Limited Vehicle Limited Warranty and can be found within the owner’s manual that comes with your vehicle.

All warranty repairs will be done using Ford or Motorcraft parts. If you go to a service center for repairs under the above warranty, it is possible that you might get additional charges for wear. You may be able to receive a refund for such charges if you present your invoice to your local Ford dealership.

Tire Wear or Damage

This warranty does not provide coverage for tires that have undergone normal wear and tear. Unless your warranty requires it, your tires will not be replaced for damages that include the following:

  • Road hazard damages such as snags, bruises, cuts, bulges, impact breaks, and punctures.
  • Tire damages due to inflation errors, racing, spinning, tire chain usage, tire repair, and improper mounting.

Ford Tire Warranty Grayson, KY: The Ford Roadside Assistance Program

The Ford Roadside Assistance Program comes separate from the New Vehicle Limited Warranty. The program begins when the New Vehicle Limited Warranty does and is valid for the following five years or until your mileage reaches 60,000. If it so happens that you require towing after the 60,000 mileage or five-year marker, Ford can still provide roadside assistance but will charge your credit card.

Ford tire warranty Grayson, KY

Getting a Ford tire warranty Grayson, KY policy is the smartest choice!

If you are charged on your card for the towing assistance, and it is later discovered that an extended Ford service plan covers the trouble you experienced, you can get reimbursed. The Ford Roadside Assitance Program covers the following:

  • Towing to the closest Ford dealership or your selling dealership (if within 35 miles)
  • Flat tire change if you possess a useable spare.
  • 2-gallon gas or 5-gallon diesel delivery (service available twice every 12 months)
  • 12-voltage battery jump-start
  • Lock-out assistance
  • Winch-out assistance (no recoveries)

Use the full extent of these warranties to ensure your tires are well taken care of throughout their entire lifespan. When it’s time to replace your tires due to aging or worn down tread, purchase them through Ford with our tire coupons and take advantage of their excellent Ford tire warranty Grayson, KY.

Fun Facts about Grayson, Kentucky:

  • Grayson is located in the northeastern part of Kentucky.
  • The city is classified as a home rule-class city.
  • Grayson, KY is nicknamed “The Heart of the Parks.”