Ford’s New Electric F-150

Welcome to the future, where you can have that Texas aesthetic while saving the environment. Our traditional F-150 is now electric! You read it right, one of the most popular trucks on the planet is now eco-friendly.

The never before seen, All-Electric Ford F-150!

The truck is going to make its first debut by mid-2022!

Ford is now in the process of building a new manufacturing plant where it will produce an electric version of its trendy pickup truck. Ford is spending a whopping $700 million to construct the Rouge Electric Vehicle center. Later Ford plans to host the production of the F-150 Power Boost hybrid.

According to the automaker, this will provide 300 new jobs in battery assembly and production of the F-150 Power boost hybrid and fully electric F-150.

More Details on the New F-150

Ford has also released some juicy details about the battery-powered F-150:

  • Ford will also debut new technology on the electric F-150. This will allow mobile power generation so customers can use their trucks as a power source.
  • The F-150 will feature dual electric motors that are made to deliver more horsepower and twisting force than the average F-150 today. It also will have the capability to have faster acceleration, all while towing heavy trailers or equipment.
  • These powerful vehicles also involve less maintenance than a typical gasoline engine. This creates more than 40 percent savings for its lifetime total cost of operation.
  • There will also be a front trunk on the electric F-150 model that adds more cargo-carrying versatility and security that will help to keep your valuables safe.
  • Like the rest, if the all-new F-150 lineup, the electric F-150 will continue to improve over time with fast over-the-air updates.

The Rouge Complex upgrade is just the latest news on Ford’s attempt to add more EVs to its lineup. Just like many automakers, Ford is involved in a costly project to boost its high-tech upgrades. The company has projected to spend about $11.5 billion to produce over a dozen electrified models, including EVs and hybrids. This is all projected to debut in 2022.

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