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Are you searching for a Grayson KY ford Diesel Mechanic near me? If so, you are in the right place. Ford works hard to provide you with the best services all around. We want you to know that you have our full support beyond the purchase of your vehicle. With our Ford Service Coupons, you can take advantage of all types of deals on several services. To learn more, contact your local Ford dealership.

What to Know About Diesel Engine Maintenance

If you have just purchased one of our state-of-the-art Ford trucks, you may want to know all that is involved in the upkeep of your diesel engine. Therefore, you need to know the difference between a gas and a diesel engine. The main difference between the two is that diesel engines use compression in the combustion chamber to ignite the fuel. On the other hand, a spark is found in a gasoline engine. Although diesel truck maintenance may seem overwhelming, the best way to avoid issues is by sticking to the manufacturer’s maintenance schedule.

Today’s diesel engines are quite complex due to emissions standards, increased horsepower, torque, and other technology that is needed to keep them running at their best. Therefore, vehicle maintenance is highly important. There are a lot of filters and critical fluids involved to keep your vehicle fully functioning. Additionally, all fluids must be kept in good condition and at the best levels. These include the following:

  • diesel engine oil
  • exhaust treatment fluid
  • power steering fluid
  • coolant
  • brake fluid
  • automatic transmission fluid
  • rear differential fluid

This may seem like a lot, and consistent maintenance can get quite expensive. However, if you bring your vehicle into Ford for your routine maintenance, you can save a lot of money by taking advantage of our Ford Service Coupons.

The Importance of Routine Motor Oil Change

Putting off an oil change can result in internal damage that your vehicle will not be able to come back from. Your vehicle needs clean, thick oil running through its system in order for it to run smoothly. Therefore, by staying on top of your routine maintenance, you can keep your engine healthy. Read further to learn about the many benefits of keeping your oil fresh and new.

How Oil Lubricates Your Engine

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The spaces between the pistons and the cylinder wall are significantly small. Therefore, this leaves little room for error. The oil in your engine keeps these particular parts from grinding against each other. They can pass one another on a thin film of oil, but without the proper amount of oil, they can end up coming in contact with one another and causing major wear and tear on your vehicle. Therefore, as time progresses, this can damage your vehicle far faster than normal.

How Oil Cools Your Engine

If you have ever felt the hood of your vehicle, you probably have noticed that it was quite hot. Aside from lubricating the moving parts, the oil will also cool your engine and help to keep it clean. After your vehicle has been running for a while, the engine can get up to 220°F.

That is why keeping your engine cool is a major job. Also, this is why every vehicle has a cooling system in place. This cooling system consists of your radiator, thermostat, hoses, and coolant. Fresh, clean oil helps to cool this system.

Oil is great at absorbing and reducing heat from the engine’s parts. Therefore preventing your engine from overheating. However, even normal temperatures can end up breaking down motor oil and additives. Over time, these chemicals lose their touch; that is why you need to bring your vehicle to Ford to prevent your oil from thinning.

How Oil Cleans Your Engine

The more you drive your car, the more it picks up dirt and grime. The oil will then carry the debris to the oil filter. However, once the oil and oil filter is replaced, new oil will be added, then all the dirt from the engine will then be removed.

However, it is important to know that your oil filter can only withstand so much. If you go too long without having your oil filter changed, then your bypass valve can end up opening. Meaning that the oil will continue to circulate through the engine without going through the oil filter.

What is Sludge?

Sludge is a substance that is created when oil becomes old and turns into a solid. It is a mixture of contaminant build-up and oxidation. Therefore, if your oil isn’t changed often, this particular substance can begin to accumulate in your engine.

Furthermore, once sludge begins to form, it will slow down the flow of oil throughout the engine. This takes place because sludge will begin to clog some of the narrow oil passageways, which makes it hard for the oil to flow through. As sludge continues to cut off the flow to parts within your engine, it will cause your engine to develop significant damage.

How Does Oxidation Occur?

Oxidation is largely associated with metal. However, it can also take place in motor oil as well. When oil comes in contact with oxygen, then the oil can begin to break down tremendously. It can happen even faster when the oil is also exposed to extreme temperatures or water. Additionally, in places where it is very cold, the oil can end up being diluted with water which can cause the oil not to flow as well. In reality, oxidation breaks down your oil at a faster rate and is as bad for your engine as sludge.

Are You Searching for a Grayson KY ford Diesel Mechanic near me?

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Grayson, KY Fun Facts 

  • The land in which Grayson sits on was once part of a 70,000-acre tract for William Grayson, the aide-de-camp to George Washington.
  • Grayson has been hit with nine different severe storms causing enough damage to warrant federal aid.
  • The city of Grayson has two elementary schools, a middle school, and a high school.
  • For more information, search Grayson, KY.