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Grayson KY Ford The Works

Are you in need of Grayson KY Ford The Works services? Then Ford is the answer to all your needs when you choose to have the best in the business to help service your car!

We offer car services for all parts of your vehicle, so do not hesitate to ask how we can take care of you and your vehicle today. Choosing to use a company like Ford means making yourself a top priority and giving yourself the best for your life. 

Ford has been changing the way we move for over 117 years by giving us the latest and most significant automobiles that continuously change every year to fit our needs. You deserve to have a company that will work for you and meets all the requirements you may have. Additionally, we want to offer packages like The Works to those who want a full-body service on their car when needing one.

When you choose to have Ford service your car, you are also gaining the ability to save a large amount of money on the services you want. We have the Ford Service Coupon program, where you can apply discounts and coupons to your final purchases.

This allows our customers to budget themselves and not have to break the bank, so they continue to use our services. Please continue reading to learn how Ford is Grayson KY Ford The Works that you need!

Grayson KY Ford The Works

Grayson KY Ford The Works

The Works Package

One of our most premium packages is The Works. This package allows you to get your car’s entirety looked at with inspections, tests, and oil changes that you might need.

Additionally, this package includes tire rotation, brake inspection, fluid checks, and air pressure checkups. This package is everything you need in one trip and performed by professionals who know what they are doing.

Whether you need a battery check or your belts and hoses secured, the Works package is for those who know they want a full car service for any issues they think they may have. It is better to be safe than sorry for your car because your safety should be a top priority. Choosing Ford to get you quality service like the Works package is making the right decision for your vehicle when you need it to be serviced.

Never miss an oil change or health checkup for your vehicle when you invest your time and money in the Works package experience. We make sure every piece and part of your car is up to standards when you come in.

You do not want to miss out on a deal that works this well for you and your vehicle in the long run. Don’t forget to grab your coupon for the Works package when you use Ford Service Coupon.

Changing your Oil

After every five to six thousand miles, you need to make sure to have your oil changed. Scheduling an oil change is an essential part of being a car owner because this can make or break how well your car will continue to work.

Grayson KY Ford The Works

Trust our Ford mechanics to provide you with services nobody else can!

Getting your oil changed regularly means that your engine will perform better and running longer. The engine’s oil has three main jobs: clean, cool, and lubricate parts of the car to work. 

Making sure the oil continuously does its job means you have to get the oil changed, running smoothly. You do not want to deal with the sludge factor of not getting an oil change.

Sludge in oil is when old oil begins to solidify and build up in your engine and can be dangerous for your car. Once this sludge has built up and blocked all passageways to your machine to let the oil flow, you can face severe problems for yourself.

However, when you decide to stay on track and keep up with your oil changes, you choose to have a healthy car and a safe experience for you and your vehicle. Give Ford a call to find out about setting up oil changes for yourself.

Choosing to have this type of responsibility means you want quality maintenance for your car, which will pay off in the long run. Don’t forget the coupon that can save you money on your next oil change!

Brake Check

Your brakes are an essential part of your vehicle’s safety features. Besides your seat belt, you look to your brake to help you maintain space from other cars so you can avoid accidents.

However, over time your brakes might begin to show their performance issues and might start to cause you problems. If you realize this is happening, give Ford a call to inspect your brakes for a reasonable and affordable price.

Signs that your brakes might be having issues is when you begin to hear them. Most of the time, brakes are supposed to be quiet when being used, but when you start hearing rattling or grinding noises, you might want to get this checked.

Our professional technicians will service your brakes when you come for a visit and see where the problem might be. Brake failure is not common, but that doesn’t mean it can’t happen at any point for anyone. 

When you decide to bring your business to Ford to receive a brake check, you choose to have the best. Ford wants you to feel safe while driving. You can obtain that factor when you use Ford as your car service. 

Grayson KY Ford The Works

Give us a call today to learn about our packages for your car services!

Grayson KY Ford The Works

When you need Grayson KY Ford The Works services, you need Ford. Our services cannot be beaten when we offer prices and use coupons for your purchases. Don’t settle for a third party company who might not get the job done right; choose Ford, who will complete the job.

Give us a call at 859) 341-6603 today to learn how Ford is your go-to company for your car. Or visit the website to read into our services and locations.

Ford is your Grayson KY Ford The Works when you need it!

Grayson Fun Facts:

  • Grayson has been hit with nine different severe storms causing enough damage to warrant federal aid.
  • The city of Grayson has two elementary schools, a middle school, and a high school.
  • Grayson is home to the Kentucky Christian University campus.
  • For more information about Grayson, KY, visit the city’s website!