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Hartford KY Tire Deals

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When Should Drivers Replace Old Tires?

Hartford KY Tire Deals

Hartford KY Tire Deals

Automotive reports estimated that, globally, over one billion passenger automobiles were on the road in 2010. With numbers that high, one can assume the average driver is not an expert on tires or general auto care. Thus, many drivers follow the general rule of every 40,000 or every 6 years.

However, drivers often don’t account for their personal driving habits.

Tire efficiency is generally good between 25,000 and 50,000 miles. However, tire health is affected by many everyday stressors drivers may not recognize. As a result of these added stresses to your tires, some may need to be changed sooner than the general rule suggests.

Tires exceeding this range are vulnerable to sudden damage that can have serious consequences. Even the most prized supercar in need of new tires and an alignment can’t outperform a healthy standard vehicle on a smooth surface with good tire health. After all, it takes just one turn for an out-of-place tire to pop! A lack of tire efficiency can even lower your gas mileage!

Many drivers just aren’t sure when their tires need to be changed. In this case, some drivers may prefer to speak with a tire technician about their tire’s health. An expert tire technician can check your tire’s health as well as suggest the perfect tire for your needs.

Why Ford Service Coupon?

A single brand-new tire costs anywhere from $50 to $200 dollars. Additional labor costs make can make replacing tires an expensive process.

As a result, drivers may try to max out their tires, driving on the damaged material until they reach the legal limit, or worse. Likewise, many drivers purchase tires for convenience instead of quality.

Drivers then find themselves with low-quality tires without considering which tire best suits their vehicle and driving style.

Expert tire technicians are always available at Ford service centers, which include all Ford dealerships and Quick Lane Tire & Auto Centers. These team members are highly qualified to find the very best tire choice for you, whether you’re in a Ford or another major manufacturer vehicle.

Experts examine your model, overall health, any post-factory changes, personal driving habits, and the primary driving location. These factors all contribute to finding the perfect tire that suits all your needs.

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That said, drivers interested in making their own choice have a few things they can monitor to keep their tires healthy.

Critical Factors of Tire Health

Hartford KY Tire Deals

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Tire Pressure –  Tires come with predetermined specs based on the physics of driving. This relationship states that tires must have a very specific surface area in contact with the road.

This area supports the weight of your vehicle and allows forwarding movement. Tires outside of the correct pressure conditions may have higher or lower surface areas.

Tires at maximum pressure naturally heat up during driving, increasing pressure. This reduces tire traction and increases wear down the tire’s middle.

Tires with low pressures will have flattened bottoms, resulting in reduced speeds, shaking frames, increased wear, and reduced gas mileage.

Mileage – Driving habits are the most obvious factor affecting tire health. Since tire material naturally wears over time, drivers forget they may need to change tires sooner based on personal habits. Fast turning, hard-brakes, bumping curves, and driving on uneven surfaces can wear tire material more quickly. As a result, pieces can become misplaced or misshapen, causing severe damage over time.

Exposure – Climate also has a major effect on your tire’s health. Dense, city air heavy with particulate matter wears tires faster than clean, crisp countryside air. Prolonged exposure to water or heat will drastically increase a tire’s rate of degradation. Thus, drivers often leaving their cars out in the sun or areas of frequent heavy rain should change their tires sooner than the general rule.

Road texture – Drivers should account for the quality of their most-frequented roads. Driver on smooth concrete is best, while dirt and gravel roads will quickly wear tire material.

Tire Health Maintenance

Experts suggest drivers always change tires before they reach their limit, though some maintenance practices may be able to prolong your tire’s health.

Tire rotation is critically important. Tires or wheels not properly aligned can directly cut into your tire, eventually causing sudden and explosive damage that could leave you in a dangerous position. Tire technicians recommend that drivers have their tires rotated every 6,000 to 8,000 miles.

Check the Tread! 

Remember to regularly check your tire’s tread! This is the grip that keeps your vehicle firmly on the road while allowing it to pass easily through dirt and water. Over time, the dirt, water, and friction will naturally wear down your tread (just like using a wooden pencil).

Drivers can check their own tread using a special tool, or consult a tire expert to diagnose overall tire health. Expert recommends drivers change tires before reaching the legal tread limit of 2/32″.

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Ripley WV quick lane tire

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Hartford KY Fun Facts!

  • Population less than 3,000 in 2010
  • The town’s second courthouse was burned down in the Civil War
  • Climate is hot and humid with mild summers
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