Glockner South Point Ford


155 Co Rd 406
South Point, OH 42680

Glockner South Point Ford


  • Sunday Closed
  • Monday 9:00AM—5:00PM
  • Tuesday 9:00AM—5:00PM
  • Wednesday 9:00AM—5:00PM
  • Thursday 9:00AM—5:00PM
  • Friday 9:00AM—5:00PM
  • Saturday 10:00AM—5:00PM


Ford Dealer

About This Location

Glockner South Point Ford is located in South Point, Ohio, and we are well known for our excellent service, premium customer service, giant selection of Ford vehicles, and so much more. These features are all part of the Glockner Guarantee. These features and more are what our team pushes to improve the experience of customers.

The buying experience is one of the most stand-out features at Glockner South Point Ford. We understand how important vehicles are to your lifestyle, image, and comfortability. We want to ensure your buying experience is enjoyable to the point you want to return when your vehicle needs to be serviced.

Why Choose Glockner South Point Ford

As we have already mentioned, we offer the Glockner Guarantee. This experience is unlike many other dealerships. When you contact us or visit our dealership, you will experience how experienced and professional our sales team is. Even when you bring your vehicle in for service, our factory-trained technicians will address any questions or concerns you may have.

So, when you visit Glockner South Point Ford for your vehicle needs, you can expect the following:

  • More than 1,500 new and used vehicles
  • Free vehicle history reports and service records
  • The shortest sale process
  • Shop by payment
  • Live market pricing

The Glockner Guarantee does not stop there. When you drive your vehicle off of our lot, you can bring it back to us for service. That is where you will experience more Glockner Guarantee experience.

Glockner Guarantee Service

In general, Ford dealerships are great places to get your Ford vehicle serviced. They offer comfortable, clean waiting rooms, original Ford parts, and professional experience. However, when it comes to Glockner South Point Ford, our team stands above the rest.

Glockner South Point Ford is rated as the top dealership in the Greater Southpoint area. Our ratings on Google,,, and other popular sites are at least 4.8 stars out of 5. This means our team of technicians and sales representatives make the customer experience outstanding in every way possible.

An Experienced Ford Dealership

A Ford dealership may not be your first choice when it comes to servicing your vehicle. This may be due to the high price you believe we have. Well, Glockner South Point Ford has highly competitive prices with other automotive shops. Not only do our prices compete with other automotive shops, but our parts are also backed up by warranties.

Typically, aftermarket parts are not covered by warranties. In general, most Ford original equipment manufacturers (OEM) parts are covered by a 24-month warranty with no mileage limit. That is a hard deal to pass when choosing where to get your Ford vehicle serviced. There are also special warranties for specific parts of your vehicle. Furthermore, your parts will be from an original manufacturer, so they will fit perfectly.

If you are interested in the Glockner Guarantee, then contact our dealership today. You can reach our team by calling (740) 218-5308. You can also stop by our dealership to see what our sales team can find you. Regardless of the reason for your visit, we will provide the same great service as we always have.

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