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Ford Dealer

About This Location

About This Location
With many years in the car industry, customers can feel comfortable choosing Legacy Ford Lincoln. We pride ourselves on being able to help you find the car of your dreams. Already have your dream car? Come visit us for exemplary service. We have a fully equipped service station for all vehicles.
The most important to us at Legacy Ford Lincoln is you. When you visit our dealership, you become our focus. Major dealerships in metropolitan areas care less about the customer experience because they have more opportunities for dedicated customers who they have been helping for years. We, on the other hand, do not have that opportunity. The success in the car industry is due to their customer service.
Why Choose Legacy Ford Lincoln
You can choose a number of other car dealerships in the area, but there is a reason to choose Legacy Ford Lincoln. Our sales representatives are respectable and knowledgeable. Instead of running you down to sell you a car, they will simply ask if you need any assistance. If you are just looking, our team will leave you alone and let you look around. You won’t be battered with questions.
We want you to feel comfortable at Gateway Ford Lincoln. Our sales representatives will do their best to make you feel comfortable. You also won’t have to ask us about our prices because we have convenient hang-tag pricing on all of our vehicles. This allows you to make a decision on a vehicle quickly.
Our Service Center
Once you find your vehicle at our dealership, visit us afterward for service. Gateway Ford Lincoln service center is staffed with factory-trained and certified technicians. Technicians have a considerable amount of experience in Ford vehicles. In fact, technicians are certified on Ford vehicles, so they have experience working on your car before you even visit.
Technicians understand you don’t have all the time in the world. So, they work as fast and effectively as possible to get you back on the road. Since they already have experience with your vehicle, they can easily provide the service you need. Service is half of what our dealership does.