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Reasons for Tire Wear

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When to Replace Your Tires

Individuals typically go by the rule to buy new tires after six years or 40,000 miles. Unfortunately, this is not a reliable estimation. Most tires have an average lifespan between 25,000 and 50,000 depending on how you drive. With such a broad range, it is imperative you know the signs of when its time for a replacement. Without this knowledge, you are at risk of the potential hazards of flats, blowouts, or worst, losing your grip on the road.

Some Factors Behind Tire Wear

Many factors can play a part in the wearing of your tire. Because there are so many components, it isn’t suggested that you base the maintenance of your tire on an estimation. Therefore, staying on top of your tire maintenance can result in long-lasting efficiency for your vehicle.

  • Mileage. Proper driving alone can extend any tire’s mileage. Hard braking or fast cornering, for instance, will result in wear and tear much faster. Safe driving, avoiding potholes and bumps, and save you the trouble of always having to replace your tires.
  • Road Texture. Consequently, tire wear plays a big part in where you live. If you are typically driving on dirt roads instead of smooth concrete, you will need to replace your tires more frequently.
  • Exposure. Exposure to outside elements such as heat, rain, dust, etc. can also play a big part in the wearing of your tires. Storing your car or truck in a climate-controlled garage can assist in slowing down this process. If you have no other choice, it is recommended that you replace your tires more often.

Ford takes your safety seriously; that is why we have teamed up with several tire companies to help provide you all types of tires that help best fit your needs. Set up an appointment via phone with one of our friendly agents today to if you need a tire replacement or would like to take advantage of our other services.