Proper Tire Cleaning

An important step in tire car that is often overlooked is washing. Your tires’ need proper cleaning just like your car’s body. And you can do it as you wash the rest of your car as well. Many people mistake washing your tires as cosmetic. But it actually extends the lifetime of your tires and lets you put many more miles on them.

Debris, road grime, and salts get into the cracks in your tire. From there, you drive on top of it and grind it in, rapidly accelerating your tire’s erosion. This means cracking, tread separation, and other tire failures. At best, this could mean you are replacing your tires more often. At worst, it could mean a blowout.

Proper Tire Cleaning

If you are storing wheels or tire, for example, you will first want to clean them. You want to get any dirt on there off before you put them away. Otherwise, you might find your wheel looking a little different than how you stored it. To avoid corrosion, you can use a pressure washer and a dedicated tire cleaner. If your goal is storage, then avoid using any tire dressing. Leaving chemicals on there for months may mean it could react with your tires’ rubber.

A Tire Wash

But when regularly cleaning your tires on the car you drive on, we recommend a cleaner labeled for safe use for the tire and wheel. This way, you can loosen the brake dust and road oil mixture in the pores in both the metal and rubber. After letting the product sit and foam, use a stiff-bristle brush to thoroughly scrub it into the tire all the way around. Afterward, rinse them with a powerful spray of water, and then dry them with a towel. Go through each tire one at a time, so they do not dry while you are working on another.

Afterward you can use a tire protectant. This keeps your tire’s like new, black, and sleek look. Plus, it can restore your tire’s sheen. If your tires are brown, then it has either been too long since they were washed, or they were washed with a caustic degreaser last. But, protectants should restore your tire’s shine. On top of that, their anti-static properties promise to repel dust, smudge, and staining. Spray it on, let it sit for twenty minutes, and wipe the excess off.

We recommend washing your rims first, then tires, and afterward get to the rest of your car. By doing it this way, you prevent overspray from splashing onto the panels you already cleaned. Use a separate bucket of soapy water and rinse water for your tires and your car’s body.

Proper Tire Cleaning

Your Clean Ford Tires

Here, at your local Ford dealership, we care about the condition of your tires. We want them to last as long as possible because we put ones on that were built to last. While your car is in our Tire & Auto Center getting work done, we will make sure they are in tip-top shape. Otherwise, you can now save up to $180 on new tires. Just call (859) 341-6603 to get pushed through to your closes Ford dealers.