Signs Your Oil Needs Changed

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There are a number of ways to tell that your oil is in need of changing. An oil service seems like a pretty simple task. It’s also one most people don’t give a lot of thought to as it doesn’t seem as important as other services. However, changing your oil is one of the best things you can do for your vehicle. Changing your oil, when needed, can help keep your car running healthily and extend its life. It will also prevent excess wear and tear.

Signs Your Oil Needs Changed

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Avoiding expensive repairs is another benefit of keeping on top of your oil changes. If you think your car may need to have its oil changed, don’t wait to get in touch with Ford Service Coupon. We can help you locate any warning signs that your oil needs changed. We can also help you locate your closest ford dealership to help you with this service.

Signs Your Oil Needs Changed

Excessive miles is the most obvious sign that your oil needs changed. Certain vehicles require a certain time schedule regarding an oil change. Older cars should have their oil changed every 3 months or 3,000 miles, whereas newer cars can last 6 months or 6,000 miles before needing an oil change. However, if you spot any of the following signs, you should take your car to your local Ford dealership.

  • Oil Change or Check Engine Light
  • Louder Engine Noise
  • Dark/Dirty Oil
  • Exhaust Smoke
  • Oil Smell

If you can smell oil inside of your vehicle, this is never a good sign. This could be due to an oil leak and is a sign that your vehicle is overheating. An overheated engine can cause serious damages to your car. If you notice an oil smell, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Ford.

The oil change light is pretty self-explanatory. This indicates that your vehicle is running low on oil. When this light appears, you should make an appointment to get your oil changed as soon as possible. When your car is running on little fluids, engine damage can occur.

Oil protects your vehicle’s parts from rubbing against each other and causing excessive noise. So if you start to notice your engine is making loud sounds, this could be a sign your oil needs to be changed. When the oil breaks down, it is no longer efficient at lubricating the parts hence the loud sounds.

Some people ignore this issue for a while. However, that is never a good idea, especially if you hear knocking or roaring. This is a sure sign your car is in desperate need of an oil change.

Oil Change Services

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To check the color of your oil, you can use your dipstick. This is one of the easiest methods for learning whether or not your oil needs changed. Clean, healthy oil will present an amber color, whereas old dirty oil will appear darker.

To get an accurate reading, remove the dipstick and clean it before putting it back in to catch some of the oil. If you lift it out and see the dipstick through the oil layer, then it’s in good condition. However, if not, contact Ford Service Coupon. We may be able to offer you a discount on your oil change at your local ford dealership.

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