What to do when your breaks are squeaky

Squeaky brakes are an issue that most automotive users deal with every once in a while. Most often wonder, are having squeaky brakes dangerous, and why are my breaks squeaking? At Ford, we’ve always made a promise to provide the absolute best customer service to every customer we see. Therefore, we are going to give you some tips to help stop the annoying squad immediately. Moreover, we will answer the most common questions our customers have about squeaky brakes.

Why are my breaks squeaking?

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Bring your Ford vehicle into Ford; who knows your car or truck better than us?

Your breaks can begin to squeak for many reasons. It is rare that your brakes will never make some noise. Therefore, there is no need to panic if your breaks are making some noise. Just because your breaks are squeaking doesn’t mean your car is any more likely to break than if there was a serious problem and your car made no noise at all. Most breaks operate quite similarly, emitting a frequency that we cannot hear.

Bring your vehicle into our Ford dealership; who knows your car or truck better than us?

Depending on your breaks’ stiffness and mass, normal wear and tear can cause them to start sounding like a trapped mouse. But, this is a normal occurrence that even a novice mechanic can fix. Most often, the weather is a common cause for squeaking.

Drastic temperature changes can cause humidity and moisture to build up inside the mechanics. And heavy rain does the same thing. So there’s no need to immediately think your car is breaking down if you hear a squeak.

How to stop my breaks from squeaking

The most common fixes are damping the noise out or changing the frequency. Other ailments include using a different material, changing the padding, or greasing up the padding. In any event, fixing your breaks is most often not an expensive feat. Many customers only spend about $50-100 on the fix, with the most common cheaper price.

Unless you are an experienced mechanic, fixing the brakes yourself isn’t likely. We recommend bringing your vehicle into one of our Quick stop service stations, and we can fix your problem with ease and at a minimal cost to you. Visit any one of our numerous locations or call us over the phone at 859-341-6603 to schedule an appointment.