What to Know About Motor Oil Maintenance

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Never Avoid Maintaining Your Oil

It is never a good practice to put off any type of maintenance your vehicle needs especially things such as oil changes. Missing a scheduled oil change can affect your vehicle’s circulatory system in the worst ways. Your vehicle’s system needs oil to lubricate, filter, and cool your parts. Without the proper amount of oil, your vehicle’s parts can begin to rub together and cause pieces of metal to get into your engine. This can lead to your vehicle breaking down and irreparable damage to your vehicle.

Oh NO! Sludge and Oxidation

If the oil stays in your engine for too long,  it will begin to solidify, making it difficult for the oil to flow through the engine. This stops up the passageway and makes your moving parts inoperable. When motor oil is left in your vehicle for too long, it turns into a substance called sludge. This is a mixture of a build-up of contaminants and oxidation. Just like metal oxidates and turns into rust, oil too will begin to break down its performing properties when it is met with oxygen.

When this occurs, your oil will no longer perform the tasks it is supposed to. As stated before, the three main functions of oil are to lubricate, clean, and cool.

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