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Ford Edge Oil Change Increases a Car’s Life | South Point OH

Skyrocket your car’s lifespan with regular Ford Edge oil change South Point, OH services. Your vehicle needs routine auto services to stay in its best shape. Oil changes are one of the most frequent auto services you’ll need to get for your car unless you have one of the fancy all-electric cars. Like how you need to wash your clothes when you run out of clean ones, your engine needs a fresh batch of oil to ensure everything under the hood runs smoothly.

Ford Edge Oil Change South Point, OH

It’s better to schedule a Ford Edge oil change than to overhaul your entire engine. Save yourself the trouble and bring your vehicle in for regular service.

To keep your engine clean and free of debris, remember to bring your vehicle to Glockner South Point Ford for routine oil changes. As you might have surmised, oil changes are a routine service that’s meant to clean and protect your car’s engine. In the worst-case scenario, if you skip too many oil changes, your engine will be ruined from the inside out.

The motor oil in your vehicle protects, lubricates, and cools your engine. Without it, the moving parts in your engine would wear down from intense heat and constant contact with another heated metal. In the worst-case scenario, you’ll need a new engine. In the best-case scenario, you’ll need to repair your engine.

The easiest way to prevent either of those situations from happening is with routine oil changes. It’s the easiest, cheapest, and most reliable way to avoid expensive and extensive engine repairs. So don’t skip out on your car’s next needed fix of oil and bring it to Glockner South Point Ford.

What to Know About Your Ford Edge Oil Change South Point, OH

Depending on how old your Ford Edge is, how often you drive it, and what type of motor oil was used in its last oil change, the interval you’ll need to remember will change. Most Ford experts suggest getting your oil changed every 5,000 to 7,500 miles, although the exact number will depend on the factors mentioned before. For example, if your vehicle is older, you may need a Ford Edge oil change every 3,000 miles rather than every 5,000.

Of course, if you’re not one to drive your car around too often, keeping it for use only during the rare occasions you need to use it, want to use it, or lend it out, you’ll still need to regularly change its oil. However, rather than using miles, you need to measure by time. Motor oil does go bad if it just sits around, so you should still get a Ford Edge oil change at least once every six months or so.

Different motor oils will also change how often you’ll need to change your car’s oil. For example, some motor oils will last longer, making it less necessary to change the motor oil too often. Not to mention, the newer cars can also last longer with the right amount of oil, making the intervals between each visit longer than with older cars.

Ford Edge Oil Change South Point, OH

A Ford Edge Oil Change South Point, OH can keep your car working at peak performance. Schedule your next one with a local Ford dealership.

How Different Motor Oils Can Affect Your Car

There are different motor oils that you can use for your car’s next Ford Edge oil change. The common ones available are conventional oil, synthetic-blend oil, and full-synthetic oil. In some cases, a dealership or auto repair shop may use high-mileage oil for your car.

Conventional Motor Oil – The most common choice and the type that’s been used since oil changes have become a part of everyday life. This type of motor oil provides just enough protection and lubrication for your engine. It’s also the cheapest option.

Full-Synthetic Motor Oil – With the rise of high-performance vehicles, a new type of motor oil was needed. That’s where full synthetics come in. With superior protection and lubrication, full synthetics wholly outshine the conventional option, but their price is just as high as their benefits.

Synthetic-Blend Motor Oil – A good compromise between conventional and full synthetics is the synthetic blends. With better protection qualities than conventional but cheaper than the full synthetic option, synthetic blends became the top choice for Ford dealers to use for their customers. So if you visit Glockner South Point Ford for a Ford Edge oil change, your vehicle will surely be treated to this courtesy.

High-Mileage Motor Oil – Often used on older vehicles that have hit the big benchmark of 100,000 miles, high-mileage oil has extra additives that help these older, overused engines last even a little longer. Depending on your technician, they may or may not suggest this type of motor oil to ensure that you can get every last mile in before your next new-to-you car.

Ways to Save On Your Oil Change

Ford Service Coupon has just the deal for your next Ford Edge oil change South Point, OH. When you browse our coupon page for the perfect oil change coupon, you should check out The Works package. The Works package features a synthetic-blend oil change alongside many other routine auto services that will keep your Ford Edge in tip-top shape, no matter how old or how often you drive it.

This oil change package was made for your convenience. Not everyone has time in their busy days to go get every routine service their car needs to stay in good shape. So, why not just put it all together in one package? With this oil change coupon, you can do just that and save time and money.

Ford Edge Oil Change South Point, OH

Regular maintenance for your SUV is important, including your routine Ford Edge oil change.

Getting a Ford Oil Change is Easy

Rather than finding out the hard way about what could happen to your car’s engine when there’s no oil in it, bring it to a local South Point Ford dealer like Glockner South Point Ford. Call the dealership ahead of time to schedule your car’s next oil change. After all, it’s easier to schedule your next Ford Edge oil change South Point, OH than to pay for an entirely new engine.

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