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You won’t always find a Quick Lane Dale, IN near you. There are only over 800 locations nationwide, so Quick Lane Tire and Auto Center’s great quality services won’t reach everyone unless you go out of your way to your nearest location. Why go through all of that trouble when there’s a closer auto shop that has the same quality services for your Ford car? When you need quick, efficient, and expert service, bring your car to a Ford dealership like Sternberg Ford.

Quick Lane Dale, IN

There might not be a Quick Lane, but you can still trust the expertise of Sternberg Ford.

What are the benefits of Quick Lane Tire & Auto Center?
There are several benefits of going to a Quick Lane:

  • Convenience
  • Quick service
  • Trained technicians
  • Quality parts
  • Competitive pricing
  • Warranty coverage

How does a Quick Lane compare to a Ford dealership?
When comparing a Quick Lane to a Ford dealer’s service station, the main difference lies in the brand specialization. Although both are under the Ford Motor Company umbrella, Ford dealers are geared toward Ford, while Quick Lanes services many makes.

However, Quick Lane Tire and Auto Centers can still do many different things for Ford cars and cars of other brands. Because they don’t have to service just one brand, Quick Lane centers may also be able to give more flexible hours, faster turnaround times, and lower prices.

To summarize, Ford dealership service centers offer expertise in various vehicle brands and full warranty coverage. Quick Lane, on the other hand, offers ease, quick service, and a wide range of expertise across different vehicle brands. Which one you choose relies on your personal tastes, the needs of your vehicle, and the level of service you need.

Why You Should Visit a Local Ford Over a Quick Lane Dale, IN

Not only are there thousands of Ford dealerships nationwide, but each of them has the same high-quality service you would expect for your Ford car. The service area at a Ford dealership has several benefits, including:

  • In-depth knowledge of the Ford brand: Ford dealership service centers only work on and fix Ford cars. Their techs are knowledgeable and skilled in working on Ford models and technology.
  • Genuine Ford Parts: Service shops at Ford dealerships only use genuine OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts and accessories made to fit Ford cars. These parts ensure that your car works well and is compatible with them.
  • Full Warranty Coverage: Repairs and services for Ford cars can be done at Ford dealership service centers under the terms of their respective warranties. Due to their close ties to the maker, it is easier for them to handle warranty claims and recalls.
  • Training and Certifications from the Manufacturer: Technicians at Ford dealership service shops get regular training and certifications from Ford. This ensures they know the most recent manufacturer-set repair methods, technologies, and rules.
  • Extra Services: Ford dealership service centers can do much more than just regular repair. These include diagnostics, repairs, software changes, recalls, and other services only available for Ford cars.
  • Authorized Facilities: Factory-authorized Ford store service centers have the tools, facilities, and customer service to meet Ford’s standards. This makes sure that Ford owners have a reliable and skilled experience.
  • Special programs and deals just for Ford owners: Some Ford dealership service centers may have special programs, incentives, and deals just for Ford owners. These might include loyalty programs, service packages, and discounts on parts and work.
  • Direct Access to New Recalls and Technical Bulletins: Ford station service centers can get the most up-to-date recalls and technical bulletins from the company that makes the cars. This makes sure that any problems are fixed right away, keeping your car safe and up to date.
Quick Lane Dale, IN

We’ll show you why a Ford dealer can stand side-by-side with Quick Lane Dale, IN.

Overall, Ford dealership service centers offer knowledge about the Ford brand, original Ford parts, full warranty coverage, specialized training, extended services, authorized facilities, special Ford programs, and the most up-to-date information from the maker. Because of these benefits, they are a good choice for Ford owners who want expert care and support. When you want service for your car, bring it to Sternberg Ford for all of the above.

Auto Maintenance & Repairs Your Car Needs

Some common auto services and repairs that you can get from Quick Lane and Ford dealers include:

  • Oil changes
  • Tire services (tire rotation, replacements, wheel alignment)
  • Brake services (inspection, repair, and replacements)
  • Battery services (test and replacements)
  • Coolant flush and refill
  • Filter replacements (air, oil, etc.)
  • Transmission Service
  • Spark plug replacement
  • Suspension and steering system repairs

It’s important to check your owner’s manual for the manufacturer’s suggested maintenance plan and talk to a qualified mechanic about any problems or repairs your car may need. It’s a good habit to get into the rhythm of bringing your car in for regular maintenance and service to ensure that your car remains in peak condition. If you’re not sure when it’s time for your car’s next scheduled service, you can ask the experts at Sternberg Ford.

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Ford Service Coupon has many ways to save on your car’s maintenance. We have a collection of savings and rebates for your car’s service and parts. Before you go to Sternberg Ford, you can check out what we have in store for you. Our savings cover all of your car’s essential services, from oil changes to brake services.

Quick Lane Dale, IN

Whether you go to a Quick Lane or a Ford dealer, Ford Service Coupon has the savings for you.

One of our favorite service coupons is The Works package. Starring an oil change, it also includes several other essential services in one package. This coupon not only saves you money, but it’ll also save you time at the dealership. When you need an in-and-out service, choose The Works.

Let’s Get Your Car Serviced

Whether you take your car to a Quick Lane or a local Ford dealer, you’ll get the quality services your car needs. Call the dealership ahead of time to see if there’s a spot for you. They’ll show you why going to Sternberg Ford is the same as going to a local Quick Lane.

Dale, Indiana Fun Facts:

  • Dale was originally called Elizabeth.
  • The name was changed to Dale when the post office was established.
  • They changed the name in honor of Robert Dale Owen, the town’s congressman at the time.