Quick Lane in Hartford, KY

There might not be a Quick Lane in Hartford, KY that’s close to you, but there’s a quality service station just like it close by. When you need fast and efficient auto services for your Ford, hurry over to Moore Ford, where there’s always more room for customers. With everything you need in one location, expert Ford technicians can retain or restore your Ford vehicle back to its optimal performance. And our team from Ford Service Coupon can help you with that.

Ford Service Coupon has a collection of parts and service coupons that can make life a little easier. After all, your car’s maintenance is an important responsibility as a car owner. Although it’s an important process, it can also take a lot out of your wallet over a period. That’s why we regularly update our specials and deals to provide you with the savings you need to keep your vehicle in its best condition.

Quick Lane in Hartford, KY

Get Quick Lane quality service from a local Ford dealership like Moore Ford.

What is Quick Lane Tire & Auto Center?
Quick Lane Tire and Auto Center is a service center that fixes and maintains cars. They do things like installing tires, aligning cars, servicing brakes, changing oil, and inspecting cars. It is a division of Ford Motor Company and is meant to make maintenance easy and quick for all makes and types, not just Ford models. They usually have quick turnaround times and don’t need appointments.

Most Quick Lanes are also home to expert technicians who know your Ford vehicle inside and out. Not to mention, every Quick Lane has everything it needs to ensure your vehicle can stay in its best condition when you drive off the lot. However, there are only a little over 800 Quick Lanes in the nation, so there might not be one close by for your convenience. Luckily, there are Ford dealerships that offer the same quality auto service.

Get Service Like You’re at a Quick Lane in Hartford, KY

No matter what kind of vehicle you have, you’ll need maintenance eventually. Even if there’s no Quick Lane near you, there is a Ford dealership that can give you the same high-quality services. At a dealer like Moore Ford, you can get the same services you can get from Quick Lane. Some of the most popular services that Ford dealerships offer for cars are:

Quick Lane in Hartford, KY

The Quick Lane in Hartford, KY has tires, Ford OEM parts, and accessories, but so does Moore Ford.

  • Oil Change: Regular oil changes at a Ford shop are recommended to keep the engine running smoothly.
  • Brake Service: Ford shops can check, fix, and replace brake parts like calipers, pads, and rotors.
  • Rotating and replacing tires: Ford shops can turn tires to make sure they wear evenly and can also help you replace tires that are damaged or worn out.
  • Changing the Battery: Ford dealerships can test and change car batteries as needed to make sure the electrical system is starting to work properly.
  • Fluid Checks and Flushes: Ford shops can check and re-fill important fluids like brake fluid, transmission fluid, and coolant. They can also flush fluids to keep things running at their best.
  • Check the battery and charging system: Ford dealerships can check the battery and charging system to see any problems and suggest fixes or replacements.
  • Multi-Point Inspection: Ford dealerships offer thorough multi-point inspections to look for any problems with the car and suggest upkeep or repairs where needed.
  • Air Conditioning Service: Ford shops can check out and fix the air conditioning system, which includes adding more refrigerant, finding leaks, and fixing parts.
  • Engine Diagnostics and Repair: Check engine light diagnostics, fuel system repairs, and engine part replacement, which are all things Ford dealerships can do to identify and fix engine problems.
  • Repair of the Electrical System: Ford shops can check out and fix problems with a car’s electrical system, such as problems with the battery, alternator, starter, and wiring.

Although Quick Lane in Hartford, KY might be your first choice, don’t forget there are other quality services nearby you, too. A Ford dealer like Moore Ford can help ensure your car is in good working condition with regular maintenance services. Of course, it is also important to remember that these services may not be available at all Ford dealerships. For more information, you should always call the store directly.

A Ford Service Coupon That Has All of The Above

Are you too busy to get the necessary maintenance services one at a time? What if there was a service package that put everything you needed in one package? What if we told you that Ford Service Coupon has one? The Works package is a service bundle that features a synthetic-blend oil change and includes various other services your car needs.

  • Synthetic-Blend Oil Change
  • Battery Test
  • Belts & Hoses Check
  • Brake Inspection
  • Filter Check
  • Fluid Top-Off
  • Pressure Check
  • Tire Rotation
  • Vehicle Check-Up

As part of The Works service package, many important maintenance jobs are done on your car to make sure it runs smoothly. It’s important to keep in mind, though, that the services that come with “The Works” plan may be different at each dealership. Some dealerships may add a few more services to The Works’ coupon for their customers, so it’s always a good idea to check first to see the full extent of The Works’ package.

Quick Lane in Hartford, KY

You can get The Works from a Ford dealership or a nearby Quick Lane.

Quick! Get In a Lane for Service

Every visit to Quick Lane in Hartford, KY is sure to be a great experience. However, if you can’t make it to a Quick Lane, there’s always a reliable Ford dealership that you can trust. If it’s time for your car’s next visit, stop by Quick Lane or call a Ford dealership to schedule a visit.

Moore Ford is always ready for your car. When it’s time for your car’s next regular maintenance, don’t neglect it. Bring it in to let an expert Ford technician look at it. Whether it’s a Quick Lane in Hartford, KY or a Ford dealer, you’re sure to get the best service.

Hartford, Kentucky Fun Facts:

  • The town’s first courthouse was named the post office in 1801.
  • The town’s second courthouse was burned down in the Civil War.
  • There are 18 historic locations in the Downtown Hartford Historic District.